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Personalised UBBC Appliqué Bunting.

I’ll just put it out there. I love bunting. I love sewing and I love rowing.

One of my closest friends had her birthday a while back, and at the time I promised to make her some bunting. 249 more words

Taking a sewing class...

This week I have had a lovely break from work with a great friend in a gorgeous part of the world, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Through my friend Tracy, I have met the lovely Gillian, who is a skilled quilter and patchwork artist extraordinaire! 257 more words

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NoBoJacs Review

If you are looking for an imaginative and unique fabric themed gift then look no further than Jacqueline and her imaginatively titled business NoBoJacs (Note Book Jackets! 516 more words

How To : DIY Polaroid Bunting ♥

Hello my Lovelies!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but it’s the end of the school term, which means only one thing – assessments.

Plus, I haven’t had anything good to actually post, so rather than upload a few crappy posts with me just waffling on, I thought that I would save it up for a really good one that is actually worth reading (lol!) 324 more words

The Gardeners' Question Time Summer Party

During a week in which Britain has demonstrated itself to be exceptionally bad at several things, including but not limited to international relations, various sports, and summer, it is reassuring to remember that there are still some things we are good at. 478 more words


Scrap Happy- July 2016

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my scrappy makes this time!

First up, some bunting. Now this was a big deal for me as I wanted it to fit the cloakroom window, so I had to figure out how long to make the string, how many triangles, how big they should be and at what interval to place them. 418 more words