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Goldberg Variations, 27 (Playfulness)

Buoyancy is the word that first came to mind for this variation, but that’s not a word I could easily use in the context of these posts. 419 more words

Meditations On Bach's Goldberg Variations


Buoyant: (adj) able or apt to stay afloat

I was nearly sixteen years old before I worked up the courage to take my shirt off and slide into a swimming pool with other people my age. 418 more words

B Words

Challenging yourself... (1 min read)

Hey everyone!!! Hope you all are doing good, today I am going to share with you about something called “Challenging Yourself”.

The internet is flooded with things like “How to challenge yourself”, “Importance of challenging yourself” but I will simply share with you what I believe. 186 more words


Being able to float. Spanish “boyante” < “boyar”=to float.


Silent Fire

hollow boned thoughts
drifting on enjambed currents,
there, can you see that bruised feather
like a misspoken comma,
no, no, don’t say a word,
words fall like stones, 56 more words


Just Thinking

If my babies were witnesses of the soul I actually am and they were stolen because a dictator wanted to shape my image, to be who he wanted others to see, thus allowing people to blow off the discipline of their own soul and work for him to complete a task, (my spirit designed), then there is an absolute problem. 779 more words


Word of the Week #23:


Simply put, this is the answer to the question I have encountered at least a hundred times, over the past month or so:

“So, how does it feel, now that you are a published writer?” 108 more words