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Happiness is....

From my state of being that propelled me to resurrect my vivacious passion for the sake of soul seeking. I am writing with conviction to alter someone’s state of being. 390 more words


Every time I write, they feel I push, in their favour.
I do not.
So, they wage warfare because they fail to fly in mine. 193 more words


Haiku #191

So just lean forward

It burns when I’m stood still too

But the weight is over



stay ..

they made a mistake
they were confronted
they opened me up
so they could claim me
yet it was me who wrapped myself in attraction… 161 more words



Monkey see Monkey do.
I have my own face,
I am not under you.
Force me down
by weight and wrist
You violent mongrels
I stop your fist… 519 more words


Only one Rainbow

The core is the heart of existence,
Of planet and all inhabit-ants
It reaches
To teach us,
Of love and light and life,
The Mother Earth it’s keeper… 334 more words


Breathing Deeply

The howling winds hitting the coast and where I live remind me of the gift of breath and the importance of breathing deeply, as Nature whips up a storm we are also reminded of the need to be buoyant, bending, yielding too the mood, yet strong and persistent. 10 more words

The Land