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Just Thinking

If my babies were witnesses of the soul I actually am and they were stolen because a dictator wanted to shape my image, to be who he wanted others to see, thus allowing people to blow off the discipline of their own soul and work for him to complete a task, (my spirit designed), then there is an absolute problem. 779 more words


Word of the Week #23:


Simply put, this is the answer to the question I have encountered at least a hundred times, over the past month or so:

“So, how does it feel, now that you are a published writer?” 108 more words


Happiness is....

From my state of being that propelled me to resurrect my vivacious passion for the sake of soul seeking. I am writing with conviction to alter someone’s state of being. 390 more words


Every time I write, they feel I push, in their favour.
I do not.
So, they wage warfare because they fail to fly in mine. 193 more words


Haiku #191

So just lean forward

It burns when I’m stood still too

But the weight is over



stay ..

they made a mistake
they were confronted
they opened me up
so they could claim me
yet it was me who wrapped myself in attraction… 161 more words



Monkey see Monkey do.
I have my own face,
I am not under you.
Force me down
by weight and wrist
You violent mongrels
I stop your fist… 519 more words