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#ColoradoRiver: Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project Progresses with Two New Contracts Awarded #COriver

From the US Bureau of Reclamation (Marlon Duke):

The Bureau of Reclamation recently awarded two new contracts totaling $66.3 million for the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project.

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Lake Nighthorse to Dryside pipeline construction begins -- The Durango Herald

From The Durango Herald (Jessica Pace):

For decades, water storage and supply infrastructure in Southwestern Colorado have been slow-moving, underfunded dreams. Lake Nighthorse, a critical component of the grandiose Animas-La Plata Project intended to supply water to Native American tribes, was filled in 2011, but it took five years before the very first mechanism to transport water from the storage facility would be realized.

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Glen Canyon Dam: Phase One Complete

Happy to report that Phase One of the Glen Canyon Dam project is complete.  The Autodesk / Bureau of Reclamation / eTrac / R2Sonic team collected 677 scans using three FARO laser scanners, over 2200 ground and helicopter based photos for a photogrammetric mesh, and multi beam SONAR data on the upstream side of the dam.   41 more words

Laser Scan

Mancos water district continues reservoir title transfer -- The Cortez Journal

From The Cortez Journal (Jacob Klopfenstein):

This summer, the Mancos Water Conservancy District has continued investigating a possible title transfer for the Jackson Gulch Project, Superintendent Gary Kennedy said Wednesday.

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#AnimasRiver: San Juan [#NM] Water Commission looking @ pipeline from Lake Nighthorse

From The Farmington Daily Times (Hannah Grover):

The commission decided today that it will meet in October to discuss whether to pursue a conceptual design of the pipeline.

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@USBR: Reclamation Awards $1.4 Million Contract for Work at Lemon Dam

Here’s the release the US Bureau of Reclamation (Justyn Liff):

Reclamation has awarded a contract for $1.4 million to Gracon, LLC of Loveland, Colorado for fabricating and installing a steel intake bulkhead gate and refurbishing four trash racks and high-pressure slide gates at Lemon Dam located near Durango, Colo.

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@USBR Releases an Environmental Assessment on Repairs to the Paonia Dam Intake Structure

Here’s the release from the US Bureau of Reclamation (Lesley McWhirter, Justyn Liff):

The Bureau of Reclamation has released a draft Finding of No Significant Impact and Environmental Assessment evaluating if Reclamation will provide partial funding to the North Fork Water Conservancy District to make repairs to the Paonia Dam intake structure and bulkhead, part of the Paonia Project located near Paonia, Colo.

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