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Bagel buns

I had a flash of inspiration the other day – how about bagels with no holes? Instead, making them into rolls with that typically chewy exterior and tender insides that would make the perfect vehicle for a burger. 320 more words


Bake your own Burger Buns

I don’t know about others, but I feel a sense of liberation when my maid calls her day off. My brain starts buzzing with plans of things I want to cook to make the most of her absence, dishes that I prefer prepping for myself even when she is there. 751 more words


Burger 11: Vicco's

Recently I visited Colorado for spring break and figured, why not eat a burger here? I stopped at a popular burger drive through called Vicco’s. Their meat is local and organic which instantly makes it a place of interest. 129 more words

Buffalo Burger

Gluten Free Baking

The trend toward gluten free baked goods is on the rise. Even my own doctor says there is no reason for anyone to eat wheat in its current non-nutritional state – even if you do not have Celiac Disease. 914 more words

Healthy Recipes

Burger Buns

Hello Everyone! Here is our newest recipe for burger buns! It’s really just a bunch of ingredients thrown together… That makes delicious burger buns. :D It’s bbq season once again and those buns are so easy to make you’ll never want to buy them again! 308 more words


Fresh burger buns

I have always bought burger buns from my grocer’s bakery. We don’t often have burgers but when we do we do it the easy way. What’s not to like? 204 more words



Todo el mundo me hace la misma pregunta… Quién se pone a hacer pan de hamburguesa en su casa cuando en el Super los encuentras de todas las formas, tamaños y colores? 455 more words