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The tragic tale of the beautiful burger buns

So, in the four short weeks (and 15 recipes) of this project so far, I’m seeing a few themes developing. First, I love parentheses. (Seriously. I don’t know if I have a post here where I haven’t used them.) Second, and most important, things don’t go so well when I don’t pay attention to details. 661 more words


Classic Double Cheeseburger

‘Murica, am I right?  If you could eat America, it would be this burger.  This meat stack is very simple yet so delicious.  I’m talking, bun, mayo, beef, cheese, and bacon; dassit (okay, I threw some onion rings on there too but honestly if everything had onion rings on them we would have world peace).  289 more words

Guilty Pleasures

Fathead Pizza Burger

I had heard of pizza burgers and thought it sounded like a great low carb food. The only real problem with burgers are the buns, so these use my… 223 more words


Fathead Burger Buns

These Fathead Burger Buns are the ultimate in low carb buns. I’ve not yet had a burger at Grill’d but can’t imagine their low carb buns tasting better than this and while their buns still contain starches and honey, these are 100% compliant. 191 more words


Light Brioche Buns from NYT

Making a tavern-style hearty burger at home has always been one of my favorite quick dinners, and there was a time when the only buns that could stand up to a juicy 8-ounce patty were the brioche buns that Whole Foods now sells for $1.50 apiece. 412 more words

Burger Buns

I started making bread because I wanted to offer my family wholesome ingredients free of preservative and additives. A simple loaf of bread should only contain flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water. 328 more words


Chicken and Waffles (With A Twist)


Chicken and waffles, it’s a staple in some homes. Not so much this home but still, it’s a classic. Now backing up a few steps here to what actually inspired this. 206 more words