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The best homemade burger buns

Burger buns

I usually make these buns to have with homemade burgers but they also work for a cheese bun or a fried egg bun. I normally make 6 from this recipe but you can have slightly smaller rolls and make 8. 350 more words

Garlic Burger Buns from the American Queen

Dallas and Nathan traveled with Aunt June Lamme eight years ago on the American Queen Steamboat down the Ohio River.  Nathan thoughtfully purchased a cookbook from the ship’s cook for me and one of the best burger buns is my go-to.   308 more words


The "Bread" Solution ~ Ancient Grain for Gluten Intolerent

The biggest lament for my family has been “what about bread?” I know it has been a challenge and most brands of gluten free breads are either really dry, hard or tasteless. 697 more words


Burger buns and khobz variations

Back in the old days, I’m sure we always ate burgers with a sesame bun. It wasn’t exactly the greatest bread, but at least it was savoury. 533 more words


Bagel buns

I had a flash of inspiration the other day – how about bagels with no holes? Instead, making them into rolls with that typically chewy exterior and tender insides that would make the perfect vehicle for a burger. 320 more words


Bake your own Burger Buns

I don’t know about others, but I feel a sense of liberation when my maid calls her day off. My brain starts buzzing with plans of things I want to cook to make the most of her absence, dishes that I prefer prepping for myself even when she is there. 751 more words


Burger 11: Vicco's

Recently I visited Colorado for spring break and figured, why not eat a burger here? I stopped at a popular burger drive through called Vicco’s. Their meat is local and organic which instantly makes it a place of interest. 129 more words

Buffalo Burger