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Burger King Original Chicken

Back to the memories of 1995 – Burger King Original Chicken

비행기 놓칠까봐 부랴부랴 공항에 달려간 출장길… 시간은 없고 점심도 못먹고 해서 뭘먹을까 고민하다 옛날 신촌역 그레이스백화점 출구에 있던 버거킹에서 먹던 시절이 생각나 먹었다..ㅎㅎ



Review: Burger King Farmhouse King

Those of you who read this website (and are not my mother) are aware that the Shameless Consumer has two Burger Kings near his house, the good one and the bad one. 922 more words


Mac n' Cheetos (Flamin' Hot) from BK

Mac n’ Cheetos (Flamin’ Hot) from Burger King is a new item on the menu and only available for a limited time. Like the previous Mac n’ Cheetos that had mixed reviews from customers and myself included; this one was intriguing and fresh. 109 more words

Savory Delights

We three kings of bacon and beef...

Now, it’s been a long time since I last went to Burger King, but I can’t stop seeing ads for this Bacon King sandwich pretty much every time I turn on the TV. 186 more words

Triple B: Burgers, Bacon & Beer

Food, those little slices of death . . how I love them

According to my SEO coach, I need to tighten up and get hyper-focused as per the shit I write about. I’m supposed to pin down muscular keywords and offer up dynamic content whilst grasping a more intimate knowledge of Google’s ample bosom . 633 more words

Bakery behind Hawaii McDonald's, Burger King buns, sandwich breads to close

A bakery that provides bread to fast food restaurants in Hawaii is shutting down.

You might not have heard of Fresh Start Bakeries, but they make hamburger buns and other sandwich breads for McDonald’s and Burger King. 447 more words


Metro police: Dad charged for using heroin with 2-year-old inside car

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The father accused of using heroin inside a car with his sister while his 2-year-old was present now faces charges.

Metro police say Christopher McGill, 35, was arrested for child neglect and a second DUI offense after Tuesday’s incident. 184 more words