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Georgia Woman Tries To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son In Burger King Bathroom


News 8 – A stand-off at an Atlanta, Georgia Burger King nearly ends in tragedy after a mother tries to castrate her son in an attempt to make him a woman before school starts. 320 more words


BK Chronicles- Practice Makes Perfect 29/07/15

I love food,I love restaurants and I love working in one. This was my third day working at Burger King and I must say it was a good one — even better than yesterday. 611 more words

Burger King

The Burger King Over by Popeye's in Suisun (First-Person Fooding in Solano)

For three weeks in a row I visited the Burger King in Suisun after I got out of class. Before that I had been frequenting the nearby Popeye’s for my post-night-class stomach fulfillment, but—as any fried chicken fan is likely to concede—Popeye’s has a real problem. 1,803 more words

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Tropical Hut: A Filipino First

Before Jollibee…..before McDonald’s…..before Burger King…..There was Tropical Hut.

It all started in 1962.  The Que Family installed a coffee shop in their supermarket and thus a legend was born. 304 more words


Another black life

The upsetting thing is that I am no longer surprised that there has been another black life taken. Sandra Bland, a 28 year old activist ironically of police abuse under the name Sandy Speaks, was found dead in her police cell 3 days after an ‘arrest’ for… 1,426 more words


Japan Prefers Small Breasts and Brazil Prefers Butts: Lessons From Tittygram

It pained Vladimir Gritsenko to see companies he saw as simple, such as Snapchat, getting billion dollar valuations. So he founded Tittygram, as a satire on startups today. 950 more words

Are You Ready To Come On In To The Soul Revival Party...

That Is Going On Forever In The Emperor Brandon Butler Empire On July 28, 2015 A.D. 11:02am And Forever? The Top 3 List Food Menu For Your Soul Revival Party In The Emperor Brandon Butler Empire Is Subway’s Cold Cut Trio Foot Long Sub Sandwich. 95 more words