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How Burger King Taught Me To Eat Healthy

It started off innocently enough. I was sitting in my living room, with the facade of doing homework, eyes glazed over, when whatever reality TV show I happened to be watching went to commercial. 510 more words

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Punking of burger joints is a new trend

PHOENIX, AZ – Getting punked can be kinda funny if there is no harm and no foul. Just some laughs.

But the prank at a Wendy’s in Phoenix wasn’t funny. 114 more words


Burger King offers extra-long cheeseburger coated in butter

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Burger King is firing off another shot in its ongoing burger war with Wendy’s.

The fast food chain is now selling an extra long cheeseburger that’s coated in butter. 102 more words

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Rubi's Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge

Think twice before you open your mouth is what we got told often since our school days- as it could land us up in some pretty awkward situations. 497 more words


Eating 'Healthy' At McDonald's Is Almost Impossible, So Just Deal With It

You know it in your heart. McDonald’s may taste good sometimes, but it’s bad for you. It just isn’t healthy. There’s no fooling yourself into thinking it’s helping you or your health in any way. 328 more words


SF Eats: Burger King


One day, I want to Burger King. I like it so much. We don’t have Burger King in my country. I like the decoration and the service, but one thing I don’t like is that the price is so high. 77 more words


Food Franchise Origins - WIF Fast Food

Origins of Famous

Fast Food Franchises

From contributor ROBERT GRIMMINCK .

Besides baseball and apple pie, is there anything more American than fast food? It’s a staple of American culture that is both loved and hated all over the world. 3,140 more words