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Review of Black Lotus Brewery

I have been to the Black Lotus Brewery in Clawson, Michigan before, but today was different. I had never been there for lunch and I was introducing a friend of mine, Sarah, to it. 401 more words

The Millworks

Oh, Millworks. You swanky place with every type of wall material a person could imagine in their little, cool-kid haircut-ed head with floppy hat on top. 642 more words


Bocado Burger

Saturday evening, boyfriend and I went to the Avalon which is an outdoor mall in Alpharetta, GA. If you have ever been to Atlantic Station in downtown, you’ll realize that the Avalon gives off similar vibes. 169 more words

Rewriting History at Gott's Roadside

We creeps here at Burgerstalker have only a few simple rules. These nasty rules include things like: eating at places that have counters. Places that don’t use table cloths (or else will use them as napkins). 399 more words


An In-N-Out Lunch

Today I needed to go to a store that was near In-N-Out, so decided that I would combine an errand with a nice lunch.

I parked halfway between the store I needed to go to and In-N-Out so I got to observe the drive-through line while walking toward the building. 269 more words


Damn-Hot-Diggety-Dog! Mrs Freeloader goes to the Rockin' Diner

Mr X is delighted, I finally have a ‘job’ that puts food on the table! I am officially a food blogger, and what better place to be invited to dine but… 324 more words

Top Tips


(above grilled burger with balsamic glaze, mayo, sriracha, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle, onions, cheese, and mustard)

Spring is here it is time to clean off the grill for BURGERS! 485 more words