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The power of a smart alarm

Installing a new alarm system offers much more than security and safety, it also offers confidence and reassurance that your home – your loved ones, and your property are safeguarded whenever your set your alarm system. 214 more words

Burglar Alarm In East Yorkshire

Some Vital Points On Burglar Alarm System And Installation

Do you know according to a statistical survey report based of criminology in the UK, at least four burglaries take place in every 15 seconds? The report also says that 89% criminal activities are regarding burglary activities in a dwelling with a loss. 538 more words

Security Systems

Why Choosing POGO Security:

Why Choosing POGO Security:

Dependable observing, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week

Custom Security Systems to Meet Your Needs

Protection Discounts Available

When you pick Pogo Security for your home robber and alert framework, you are getting a hand crafted framework with the most solid checking accessible in the business sector today. 523 more words


Shadow Sensor Alarm

Are you frequently away from home? Having a burglar alarm is not bad idea.

The device can ideally be a burglar alarm that produces a loud tone when discrepancy of light is detected. 33 more words

Hopelessly broken wireless burglar alarm lets intruders go undetected

A security system used in more than 200,000 homes has an unfixable flaw that allows tech-savvy burglars to disarm the alarm from as far away as a few hundred feet. 521 more words

4 problems with traditional burglar alarm systems, solved

Take a look at the history of home security, and you’ll see that both the technology used & the overall positioning of the burglar alarm within the home hasn’t changed much in 100 years: existing, but never really acknowledged until the day the alarm sounds & it’s all too late. 458 more words


False Alarms: The Million Dollar Problem

False Alarm Tip of the Mo​nth

  • Holiday decorations can create movement – keep decorations away from motion detectors. Ask your alarm company for help and guidance to AVOID false alarms.
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