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Shadow Sensor Alarm

Are you frequently away from home? Having a burglar alarm is not bad idea.

The device can ideally be a burglar alarm that produces a loud tone when discrepancy of light is detected. 33 more words

Hopelessly broken wireless burglar alarm lets intruders go undetected

A security system used in more than 200,000 homes has an unfixable flaw that allows tech-savvy burglars to disarm the alarm from as far away as a few hundred feet. 521 more words

4 problems with traditional burglar alarm systems, solved

Take a look at the history of home security, and you’ll see that both the technology used & the overall positioning of the burglar alarm within the home hasn’t changed much in 100 years: existing, but never really acknowledged until the day the alarm sounds & it’s all too late. 458 more words


False Alarms: The Million Dollar Problem

False Alarm Tip of the Mo​nth

  • Holiday decorations can create movement – keep decorations away from motion detectors. Ask your alarm company for help and guidance to AVOID false alarms.
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Security Patrol

What's the difference between DIY & professional home security?

Making the choice between DIY & professional security systems can be tough – do you give it a go yourself or leave it down to the professionals? 580 more words


Smart Security: are you ready for the next generation of burglar alarms?

With many of the big security system manufacturers recently shifting to incorporate smarter, better connected technologies into their intruder security systems & big players such as Apple & Google joining the race to power the ultimate connected home; there’s no doubt that smart, cloud-based technology will dominate the next generation of home security products. 774 more words


Prevent Burglars Breaking Into Your Home By Following These 3 Simple Rules

Domestic burglary is one of the most common crimes in Britain, with over 200,000 cases being reported in England & Wales last year alone ( 567 more words