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Hogmanay Burglaries in Blantyre

Two men were arrested in connection with two”separate burglaries which took place in Blantyre late on Saturday, Hogmanay 31st December 1932. At 11 p.m, two policemen were approaching Craig Street when the crash of glass 50 yards away caused them to rush to the licensed grocery shop belonging to Mr James Kelly at 186 Glasgow Road. 201 more words

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Man Awakens to Not-So-Sweet Kiss from a Burglar in His Bed

Talk about a bittersweet greeting.

A Portland couple, likely hoping to get a good nights’ rest, got the exact opposite this week when a knife-wielding burglar took his clothes off, climbed into their bed, and planted a kiss on one of them. 96 more words

Insight into the Mind of a Bike Thief...

Below is an interview carried out by the Metropolitan Police with a prolific cycle thief. It makes very interesting reading and gives an insight into the behaviour of anyone who is prepared to be involved in this type of crime. 1,462 more words