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Los Colladillos by marianvillasolbustamante

Los Colladillos,Valle de Manzanedo,Arreba,provincia de Burgos,España


Days 11 & 12: Atapuerca & Burgos

The second third of the Camino is for the mind. My body aches and I haven’t gotten much sleep because I’ve foolishly been partying with the Austrians (which I fully intend to stop). 144 more words

Camino De Santiago

Day 12: Atapuerca to Burgos

Another cold day, but a shorter walk. We headed off after breakfast at our hostal. It was fresh but we were well rugged up. First we climbed out of the Atapuerca valley up to Punto de Vista we had views to the villages we will pass through to get to Burgos. 369 more words


A León

May 17: Burgos to León by train

Our first stop this morning was a castle on the highest point in Burgos. Not much of the castle remains because it was conquered by Napoleon, but the structure still remains and a 63km deep well that was pretty incredible engineering. 360 more words

Churros y Burgos

We started our day with a hunt to do some laundry. After the hotel told us that it would cost 30 euros to do one load of wash (and I proceeded to call their service ridiculous) we realized our only option was to wash it by hand. 462 more words