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I’ve been staying in a hotel in Burgos for a few days to rest up. Right now it’s 10 am and I’m sitting in a cafe across from the municipal hostel. 261 more words

Journal Entries


My 2017 Camino has come in many different shapes and sizes. First, I was to walk from Porto to Santiago. Then, I decided on the Camino Ingles from Ferrol. 182 more words

Camino De Santiago

The Broken

“At first, I was worried there would be a lot of broken people out here,” Marg admitted while sipping a glass of vino tinto under the shade of a bar patio. 1,542 more words


Day Fourteen

A strange day. Brilliantly warm. We spent the better part of the afternoon dipping our toes in a river. Tonight we celebrate C.’s birthday in a tiny house just outside of Burgos. 16 more words

El Camino

Day Fifteen

Burgos: che bello. Porticos and plazas and cobblestone alleyways. A city that never grows old.

Nestled within is a place of solemnity and awe. Immense and silent, damp with the tomb-smell of living tradition. 12 more words

El Camino

Camino de Santiago ~ May 18, 2017, evening, jumping through Burgos to Astorga

Every pilgrim has to make decisions; some have to decide to stop because they have too many blisters or foot injuries. (I know two who have had to stop already, and a third one is considering stopping.) … 836 more words