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Navel contemplation

In a recent post But Why? I wrote about the importance of curiosity, imagination, and creativity. I included all three in a flash fiction story that included an imaginary friend. 380 more words


“High Ruler of the Storm-Tents”: The Christianization of Iceland

Iceland was first settled by people from Norway at the end of the 9th century. Almost a century later, king Óláfr of Norway decided to send a priest named þangbrandr in order to convert the population -which was still partly heathen- to Christianity. 2,052 more words


Day 3: NC Brewery Tour

Now lets do this!! I’m headed to the little big town, the main event, the capital, the mecca of North Carolina beer; thats right, you guessed it, Asheville. 1,081 more words

Brewery Tour

Burial - Burial

Pop Presence and the Faceless Artist

James Christensen

Much of the cultural capital exercised by what might broadly be called ‘pop music’ is grounded in the idea of… 1,041 more words

In crowded Sydney, even the dead jostle for space

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

A looming shortage of burial space in Australia’s largest city is forcing cemeteries to come up with some creative ways of dealing with the dead. 636 more words

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History on the Bluff

Most people don’t pick a cemetery to hang out in on a sunny 80 degree spring day. Or any day for that matter. But it was Easter Sunday and Knees wanted to visit the grandparents before dinner, so we grabbed the cameras and visited his side of the family who have a long history in the Trenton area. 367 more words