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Skinheads Against Nazis

In response to the Nazi attack on the Redskins gig at the GLC a couple of skinheads put out this leaflet. It was distributed at gigs and festivals in London, 1984.


The Burial NOW AVAILABLE for Kindle Pre-orders!

The day has finally arrived!  The Burial is available for Kindle pre-orders RIGHT NOW!

I’m nervous and excited and and and just WOOOOT!

The Kindle version drops on July 13! 161 more words


A Funeral For My Original Best Buddy

I lost one of the sweetest, loving, most-caring men that has ever walked the earth this past week. He passed away last Thursday night and he meant the world to me, more than just what a Grandfather would be mean to a boy. 1,273 more words


eleven tigers

eleven tigers is an interesting find, having a look for some info on last.fm he’s being described as having the “best ideas from the past two decades of electronic music, including hyperactive drum ‘n’ bass beats, Burial’s underwater dubstep, plus dark ambience and the reverberations of post-apocalyptic cityscapes” and saying that he “answers the question as to what happens after Burial” not sure if I totally agree with that second one but it interested me enough to give it a listen! 118 more words


Timmy OUR Cat. Timmy OUR friend.

His body was still intact. He looked fine. Almost at peace.

In fact, he looked like he was just lying on his side. Sleeping. Just like how I had seen him sleeping many a time. 1,471 more words

Where are you?

We have had many discussions about where to “put” Dad. Again, one more interesting thing about cremation versus burial. With burial you know you have a plot (hopefully), you have a date and time, and you go in there. 671 more words

What are the benefits of burial life insurance?

There are a few possible benefits of owning a burial life insurance policy.

Some of the advantages include there being coverage for people over age 80. 83 more words