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Media coverage of the Lincoln Eastern bypass excavations

I posted a little piece a few weeks ago on the discoveries at the ongoing excavations for Lincoln’s new Eastern bypass (read it here… 239 more words


The ridiculously overpopulated city that I live in

Let me apologise in advance for covering a bleak subject in today’s post, but I find the situation in Hong Kong so unique that I had to share it. 805 more words

Social Issues

We Are Not Alone: An Exploration of Grief

Humanity is a concept with which mankind has struggled since complex thought and behaviour evolved, as we struggled to define that which made us different from the rest of the earth’s inhabitants. 1,740 more words


From Dust to Diamonds: The Reinvention of Cremation As We Know It

For as long as humans have been around, there have been burial rites; even before we came on the scene, Neanderthals were practicing some form of intentional burial. 881 more words


Bedazzled Bodies: The Catacomb Saints and Their On-going Legacy

Body modification after death has a long and interesting past, from the carving of skulls to full-body transformations, as will be discussed here. In 1578 local vineyard workers discovered a hollow on the Via Salaria, which led to the infamous catacombs of Rome. 963 more words


The Ancient One Returns Home

Uytpama Natitayt — Kennewick Man, or the Ancient One, an ancestor of the First People of the Columbia Plateau — is finally home.

More than 200 of his relatives came together at an undisclosed location on the Columbia Plateau early February 18 to lay him to rest. 78 more words


Worldly Wednesdays: A Thessaloniki Attempt at Embalming

Origin: Eastern borough in Thessaloniki, Greece
Today: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

In 1962, archaeologists excavating a Hellenistic/Byzantine cemetery in Thessaloniki found a marble sarcophagus with a lead coffin inside. 197 more words