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Burial and Resurrection

In City of God I.12-13, Augustine offers a mini-treatise on the relation between burial and the resurrection. He begins from the fact that some Christians killed during the sack of 410 were left without burial.  283 more words


Saying Goodbye

On Tuesday I went the funeral for my friend and mentor, Mr. David Massaro. The gathering started at eleven, and lasted until one o’clock. We who were able to attend traded stories from our memories of him, laughed over his many quirks, remembered with fondness his child-like enthusiasm for life, and his passion for the works of Frederick Delius and Olaf Stapledon. 165 more words


A City Girl, a Country Funeral

I am a city girl. Despite the fact that I grew up on small Air Force bases across Canada, and my first ministry setting was a village in Southern Ontario, and I now serve a suburban church, I am really a city girl. 192 more words



The header picture of this site is of a battlefield where over 150 years ago the Confederate army met the Union Army in a battle during a war that has killed more soldiers than any battle in American history.  209 more words

Jesus Christ

Remember the Questions: Paper or Plastic? Burial or Cremation?

A few days ago while assisting Mrs. Commander at the grocery store, there was a shortage of “baggers” that normally place our purchases into bags at checkout. 550 more words

Funeral Operations/Training

Burial’s Lament

The warehouse rave ended fifteen years ago. No one has come back since, and there you are, waiting for it all to start up again. The derelict warehouse still echoes with synth stabs, once shrill, but now manifest as ghosts leaking from the saturated brickwork. 1,953 more words


This company is offering the first ever lunar burial

Elysium Space will start sending people to their final resting place on the moon.

The company has designed small metallic capsules that will hold cremated remains to be delivered to the surface of the moon, … 185 more words