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On new burials...

“It is a startling next step in the natural burial movement. Even as more people opt for interment in simple shrouds or biodegradable caskets, urban cemeteries continue to fill up. 114 more words

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On burial rites ... and a meaningful life.

And now… a super-cheerful essay to celebrate my 32nd birthday!

If you’re writing about conflicts between religious and scientific worldviews, eventually you get stuck writing about death. 2,029 more words

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Magic Monday - Gravestone version for (American) Memorial Day

Litany on the Stone

There are certain ways of bringing the dead back to life or simply causing them to walk the world again, with or without a body. 298 more words


Planning for the future

We plan vacations. We plan weddings. We plan birthday parties. We plan for college. We plan for retirement. We plan our lives. Why should we not plan for our death? 512 more words

Keeping Kin

“I’m Earl’s youngest.”

I must have said it ten times as a reference point for people who looked familiar but forlorn as we came together to bury my aunt in Oxford, Mississippi. 421 more words

Amy Lyles Wilson

What Do I Do with the Body?

Among the more unique beneficiary battles I have had the misfortune to encounter involved the decedent’s instructions in his will to use estate funds to build an elaborate mausoleum to house his body. 250 more words

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