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re: downcast euphoria

Wire: Your music seems to be about the after effects of Rave, about never actually experiencing it.

Burial: I’ve never been to a festival. Never been to a rave in a field. 164 more words


Villas and vineyards? Excavations on the route of Lincoln's eastern bypass

A new newsletter detailing the progress of excavations along the route of Lincoln’s Eastern Bypass (downloadable here) has revealed that the project is turning up some exciting new evidence of Roman activity in the Washingborough area. 1,234 more words


Album Review: The xx—“I See You”

By Alex Ryu, Featured photo via DIY Mag

Not even a decade since the release of xx, the trio of Romy Madley Croft, Jamie xx, and Oliver Sim have made their marks on the music industry. 690 more words

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A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own. - Thomas Mann

I’ve always had a slight obsession with death. I don’t fear it. I’m in awe by it. So many in life spend their time fearing what happens to be the only certain thing that life has to offer…that we will, indeed, die. 132 more words


Ancient Egyptian “pot burials” are not what they seem

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Around 3,500 BCE, the ancient Egyptians began to practice a ritual that has long perplexed archaeologists. They buried their dead in recycled ceramic food jars similar to Greek amphorae. 711 more words


Avalanche Dog Rescues Buried Victim In Austria

An Austrian man is lucky to be alive after being rescued by an avalanche dog in the Westendorf region of the Austrian Tyrol reports The Local… 148 more words


Burying My Mother

Bury your mother.
Put her in the ground.
We won’t look.

We won’t witness
As you climb inside
And forget
That your place
Is no longer… 52 more words

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