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A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own. - Thomas Mann

I’ve always had a slight obsession with death. I don’t fear it. I’m in awe by it. So many in life spend their time fearing what happens to be the only certain thing that life has to offer…that we will, indeed, die. 132 more words


Ancient Egyptian “pot burials” are not what they seem

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Around 3,500 BCE, the ancient Egyptians began to practice a ritual that has long perplexed archaeologists. They buried their dead in recycled ceramic food jars similar to Greek amphorae. 711 more words


Burial in Saudi Arabia 2 - Documentary

Another documentary on this subject which is very difficult for a lot to photograph, I already published some photos from another burial in 2015 check it out if you have time. 372 more words


Avalanche Dog Rescues Buried Victim In Austria

An Austrian man is lucky to be alive after being rescued by an avalanche dog in the Westendorf region of the Austrian Tyrol reports The Local… 148 more words


Burying My Mother

Bury your mother.
Put her in the ground.
We won’t look.

We won’t witness
As you climb inside
And forget
That your place
Is no longer… 52 more words

Social Issues


I went up to the man in the churchyard
Not looking for souls to save
Have you got a small job that would earn me a bob
Come back when you've dug me a grave

This knocked me quite back
Alas and alack
I've done most to earn the odd pound
But I took the old spade
Feeling shocked and waylaid
And went out to find some fresh ground

I met a young girl
Set my mind in a whirl
We've been waitin for you, you've come late
So follow me fast the weather won't last
There's no one to dig 28

We walked for a while and climbed the odd stile
Then she left me alone in a wood
She showed me a hole
Started by a young mole
So I dug down
As fast as I could

For hours I dug with the soil flying fast
As though I had help from above
But then came a rustle a bit of a tussle
And Out climbed a black goat and dove

You know it's not nice
We were both sacrificed
And there's dozens down there in the ground
Then out they processed
Looking sad and distressed
Like soldiers they marched without sound

As they came to the top
There was a wild plop
And the Devil came up hell for leather
I'm fed up with Hell and I'm not very well
It's packed and I'm losing my tether

They don't like food and some are quite rude
And want rain and say its too hot

They're bored with incest and not changing their vest and appalled when their feet start to rot

So fill up this hole and seal in each soul it's time to move on now I feel
I'll get a big bike
Ride as fast as I like
This Bat out of Hell IS FOR REAL !

Animation c/o heathersanimations.com


I bought 22 calendars
and stacked them, to see
how long I could stand

those blank squares, like rooms
in a HDB; as empty as drywall. 73 more words