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Why Dubai wouldn't win, if I had to choose.

One thing you must take with you on a trip to Dubai is a thesaurus. Yes, a thesaurus. Why?

So you can look up synonyms for the word ‘luxury’. 704 more words


Dubai, at a glance

If you are a nature loving person then coming to Dubai might disappoint you. But if you are here for the nightlife and food then you have arrived at your destination. 561 more words


Dubai Police Will Begin Flying the Skies on Hoverbikes

Dubai has for a while now been a place that’s always striving to the future in terms of technological advancement. With Dubai’s completion of the… 252 more words


The one about The Dubai Trip Encore: Vlog

My second trip to Dubai was earlier this year and this time, more members of my family were on the trip as well. So fun! I posted a blog entry, actually two ;), about my first trip to Dubai in 2014 which you can find… 165 more words