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You're as Cold as ISIS

From the truth teller, Vlad Tepes.  Thank God in heaven for independent bloggers.   Thank God.  And Insh’Allah we will expose Islam’s true nature.


Swiss niqab law carries $13,000 fine, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Swiss niqab law comes with $13,000 fine

Where has Stephen Harper been since he left Ottawa? Maybe he’s been consulting in Switzerland, where the regional government of Ticino has introduced fines of up to $13,000 for women (or presumably men too) wearing a burka or niqab in public. 352 more words

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MPs in Swiss canton of Ticino back burqa ban

A woman wearing a niqab, a garment also banned under new rules in Ticino. Photo: Antoine Taveneaux

MPs in Swiss canton of Ticino back burqa ban… 348 more words


UK: Multi-faith peace gathering of women in Baitul Futuh Mosque of Morden

Source: yourlocalguardian.co.uk

Hundreds of women have joined together at the Baitul Futuh Mosque to discuss the aim to “nurture today, protect tomorrow”.

More than 300 people attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association’s 7th Annual Peace Symposium on Saturday, November 21, to talk about inspiring and guiding young people and the importance of women’s education. 201 more words


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Al Queda Leader Captured Dressed As Woman. Should The U.S. Ban Burqas?

1. a loose garment covering the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes, (usually) worn by muslim women.
2. a method of hiding shame of muslim women at being slaves to their cowardly men… 209 more words


OH oh!!! Armed cops rushed at a suspicious looking man wearing a hijab - to find he's cheating on his wife

Worried residents alerted police to the married man who they suspected may have been a terrorist – but officers soon found out he had a good reason to be in disguise. 223 more words