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Terror-Schleier verboten


Kamerun verbot jetzt in weiteren Landesteilen die Vollkörper-Vermummung. Mit solchen Vermummungen, die auch der Koran nirgends vorsieht, waren in der letzten Zeit immer öfter Anschläge ausgeführt worden. 81 more words


Chad: Now the most intelligent and forward-thinking country on earth

Surprises sometimes arrive from unexpected places.

As of this late date in history, July 17, 2015 in the solar calendar (3 days following the public announcement of an agreement to go down in history as at or near the very top of the list of the “Wall of Shame”), the most intelligent, enlightened and forward-thinking country on earth is Chad, located northwest of Nigeria, west of Sudan and south of Libya. 356 more words

Ban Burka

Britain First breaks another irony meter

This really is just too funny… The Biffers are complaining because some people can’t use English very well.

They based their ‘report’ on an article from the Telegraph – but unfortunately they didn’t seem able to read it well enough to understand quite what the Telegraph article was saying – and, just as importantly, what it didn’t say… 259 more words

Britain First

Ban The Burka - An Excellent Idea - And Here's Why!

When France first passed laws to ban the Islamic burka and niquab face veil in public places in 2010 there was a hue and cry about among other things, religious freedom. 441 more words


Pussy's and Burka's

Over two years ago I was on a ship chasing a glimpse of the Northern lights in the far North of Norway. At night in my cabin I was high on insomnia and the air in my cabin was static with electricity.  1,476 more words

Character Study: the most interesting woman in the world

Okay, the title should say The most interesting woman in MY world, but THE world sounded catchier. Years ago I met an very interesting woman. I want to use the word girl because she was a baby-faced 19 year old, but to be fair I will say woman. 604 more words

Character Study

WHY WE WEAR BURKA Story of Two Pakistani muslim Sisters

This is a interview of two Pakistani Sister they tell their stories that WHY WE WEAR BURKA nad Hijab Story of Two muslim sister