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Burqa ban splits Morocco society

Source: Arab News

RABAT: Morocco’s ban on the sale and production of full-face veils (burqa) has sharply divided opinions in the North African country.

Writers and intellectuals have condemned the burqa ban. 153 more words

The Muslim Times

Switzerland: Rail passengers complain to SBB over burqa posters

The Local


12 January 2017

Photo: SBB

Members of the public are calling on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to remove controversial posters from its railway stations just days after right-wing campaigners launched their provocative publicity campaign. 156 more words

The Muslim Times

Obama's Final Speech and other stories

Barack Obama has paid a moving tribute to his wife Michelle and lifted America one last time in his final speech as the President of the United States in Chicago. 511 more words


Why are women always told what (not) to wear?

No matter what we wear, we never seem to make it right. And it also seems to never be OUR choice. Women are constantly told what (not) to wear and are still shamed for the decision they make, by the media, by their friends and  family, by the whole society even. 316 more words


Atheist Art: "The Burkini Ban..."

“I defend the right of Muslim women to wear the Burkini. I sincerely  ask those who also support them to also support Muslim woman who wish to wear a bikini in Muslim countries.” … 651 more words

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Banning Migrant Boats???

KATIE HOPKINS: You can ban the burka, Frau Merkel. But what are you going to do about banning the migrant boats YOU encouraged to come and which are destroying your country? 47 more words


Zur von Frau Merkel neu entfachten Burka-Debatte

Unter heftigem Beifall hat Angela Merkel letzte Woche beim CDU-Parteitag in Essen ein Verbot der Vollverschleierung gefordert, “wo immer das rechtlich möglich ist.” Diese Forderung wurde dann auch so von der CDU beschlossen. 366 more words