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A visual guide to Muslim head coverings

Not all hijab (head coverings) are burkas. It’s important to know the difference, especially if you’re going to shoot your mouth off about them. Burkas are the most extreme form of head covering, as they mask the eyes, but they are also the least common, at least where I live.


Bob Layton Editorial: Facing the issue

Quebec’s Bill 62 that has to do with covering one’s face in public has got people talking.

It’s not like other countries like France that have actual laws against face-coverings. 201 more words


Islam: One giant leap forward and one small step backwards

The giant leap forward …

is the promise by Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, to return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam.

Having lived in Saudi Arabia I know that his is a very big deal. 770 more words


Even With Her Panties On, a Woman is Still a Flower

First of all, forgive the clickbait title. While it is clickbait, it’s also true. Let me explain. In these days of Harvey Weinstein’s comeuppance, the issue of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault have come to the fore. 706 more words


Niqab freedom grab

It’s heartening to read nearly universal negative editorial reaction in Canadian media to Quebec’s Bill 62 – the province’s so-called religious neutrality law. The bill adopted by the Quebec legislature makes it mandatory for anyone receiving a provincial or municipal public service to have an uncovered face. 766 more words

Religious Freedom

COMMENTARY: We can dislike the niqab, while still respecting religious freedom

As some would have us believe, Quebec’s Bill 62 doesn’t explicitly mention niqabs or burkas, and anyway, such face coverings are cultural and not religious. Therefore, we’re told, that the renewed debate about the niqab and freedom of religion is completely unnecessary. 687 more words


Quebec bans coverings for public services

Quebec’s parliament passed a law that forces Muslim women from wearing religious coverings, such a niqab or burka, while using public services including public transit on Wednesday morning. 108 more words