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Statement Against Harassment of #Muslim Women in Portland


I do not support acts of violence against random Muslims or acts of vandalism, even harassment is wrong. 101 more words

Muslim Woman Head Covering Same as KKK Cape

Islam is the biggest hate group in the world. Dr. Bill Warner, author of numerous books about Islam, Islamic Law, Islamic history and Political Islam, explains why.

Broadcaster Censors Video of Muslim Woman in Full Burka Warning of ‘Retaliation’ Against Islamophobia

Channel 4 buries interview with individual in Manchester wearing hand grenade clothing

A video of a Muslim woman in a full Islamic veil emblazoned with a hand grenade and a machine gun warning of retaliation against Islamophobia after the Manchester terror attack was buried by UK broadcaster Channel 4. 95 more words

All the shitty men should have their dicks cut off

Meet Alina. Alina does Marketing for the company I work for. Alina is 30, she is married to the photographer, she likes jazz, and this is her is her self-portrait. 50 more words


via The Week in Women: A burka ban in Austria

Legislation, lawyers, and accused law-breakers dominated the headlines this week. So if you don’t object (see what we did there?), let’s take a look back: A Tennessee woman has been charged with reckless endangerment for allegedly trying to run her congressman off the road, reportedly because she was upset that he had voted for Trump’s […]

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Women's Empowerment

May 14th, 2017


 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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REGIONAL VOTE: Glarus open-air assembly rejects burka ban

MAY 7, 2017 – bu

Ticio remains the only Swiss canton to ban burkas(Keystone)

Citizens in canton Glarus have rejected a proposal to outlaw the wearing of a burka in public. 160 more words

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