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Banning the burka: Swiss likely to vote on facial covering ban

A flyer for the campaign to ban facial coverings – the move has caused much debate in Switzerland


Voters look set to have the final say on a proposal for a nationwide burka ban in public places in Switzerland. 442 more words


The many hues of headscarves

Ayesha Malik, Contributor Lawyer and writer

The many hues of headscarves


Reading Amina Lone’s letter in The Times this Sunday calling for a ban on hijabs in primary schools took me back to the Book of Genesis wherein lies the first recorded instance of veiling for women, when Rebecca first sees Isaac and veils herself. 706 more words


Switzerland moves a step closer to voting on nationwide burqa ban

The Local


13 September 2017


A woman wearing a burqa in Vevey. Photo: erix3005/Depositphotos

The Swiss may get the chance to vote on the introduction of a nationwide ban on the burqa after campaigners from the so-called Egerkingen committee succeeded in gathering the required number of signatures to push the issue to a referendum. 498 more words


The chilling effect of Political Correctness

Or “Why NextDoor stinks”

My reaction upon my earlier post getting blocked on NextDoor. The “fully clothed person” in the original post, happened to be wearing a burka (or whatever the hell that outfit is called) and jumping into the community swimming pool in the full outfit. 365 more words

Bob Layton editorial: Silence means complicity

Canada’s chief human rights commissioner, Marie-Claude Landry, must be feeling the pressure these days.

I can just see her shaking her head as she wrote a statement for the media about the… 219 more words


'George Brandis slams Pauline Hanson for wearing a burka to Question Time in the Senate'

An emotional Attorney-General George Brandis has been given a standing ovation in Parliament for slamming One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s decision to wear a burka into the Senate.

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Australian anti-Muslim senator wears burka in Parliament in campaign for ban on Islamic face covers

CANBERRA, Australia – An Australian senator provoked an angry backlash from lawmakers by wearing a burka in Parliament on Thursday as part of her campaign for a national ban on Islamic face covers. 532 more words