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"18 Year-Old Burqa Wearing Alcoholic Abortionists Public Enemy Number 1": Fred Nile

Politician, selfie-enthusiast and beret wearer Fred Nile has declared this week that 18-year-old burqa wearing alcoholic abortionists are public enemy number one in the state of New South Wales and has called on the Government to legislate accordingly. 227 more words

The UnAustralian

Savior Complex?

When we see what we perceive as oppression, it’s easy to want to swoop in and protest it, but it’s important to bear in mind the ways in which other perspectives might differ from your own.   18 more words


You imagine anyway...

The black fibers covered her flesh like the night sky covers the heavens above. The net over her eyes gave way to tinges of a green and blue brilliant light that shone from her eyes. 556 more words

Soul Searching

S.A.S v France: Towards a General Prohibition of the Full-Face Veil in Europe?

In this post I would like to analyze the first ruling at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), “S.A.S v. France”, concerning the full-face veil. 627 more words

Freedom Of Religion

Logika Islam Mengenai Perempuan

Oleh: Duladi ⦁

Di negara Barat, perempuan tidak ketakutan keluar rumah dan mereka berpakaian seenaknya juga tanpa rasa khawatir.

Di dalam Dunia Islam, mana bisa perempuan merasakan hidup aman dan damai seperti itu? 611 more words


"Burka Avenger" Pakistani Animated Series

Burka Avenger is a multi-award winning Pakistani animated television series created and directed by famous Pakistani rock star and social activist, Aaron Haroon Rashid (AKA Haroon).  186 more words

Human Rights & Development

What's the point?

Taking a selfie every half an hour or so is a modern day essential part of being part of today’s world.  But, usually the subject of the selfie is recognisable. 118 more words