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The burqa ban: Thoughts and clarifications

By Fred Martin

France was the first country to ban face-covering veils, but what does the text of law actually state? Where does religious freedom end, and where does religious privilege begin? 1,693 more words


Ban the burka

Life today for Muslim women in the UK is completely different to when I was growing up in a Muslim home. You know you are getting old when you start saying ‘the good old days’ when talking about the past. 1,283 more words

Zika virus invades the US! Could a DanO Burka be the answer?

It’s no secret that a new virus will be making the rounds this summer all across much of the southern portions of the United States! It’s name is Zika, it’s carried by a mosquito and over one hundred pregnant women living here are already infected! 418 more words



Unapologetically all over the place, irresistibly hard to pinpoint, impossible not to stare, trainwreck revelry. Let’s reenact the scene blow-by-blow and sort through the aftermath. I’m afraid I liked it. 367 more words

Bank Chooses Security Over Religious Expression

From US Herald:

Security National Bank, in Omaha, Nebraska, has found itself under the lens of the Islamophobia microscope. Why?

Because, they were tired of getting robbed by people concealing their identity, so they refused entrance to….wait for it…an Amish person!! 388 more words


Cultural fears based on ignorance

Congratulations to Dalal Boulbol for making public the shouting incident with a motorist in Windsor.

Most Canadians appreciate and respect other nationalities and other religions. Most of us do not fear terrorism, we fear ignorance. 80 more words


Abuse over hijab is unacceptable

Re: Homegrown hatred, by Doug Schmidt, April 13.

The individual who was verbally abusive to a local school teacher because of her hijab, which represents her faith, has disparaged all of us by her hateful, intimidating and rude behaviour in front of Mrs. 40 more words