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IRA members to receive standard issue Burkhas to help conceal weapons - Minister of Bombs

IRA Minister of Bombs (more formally Minister of Carbombs, Pipebombs and Suicide Vests) Aidan O’Rourke announced today that in an effort to modernise his insurgency, “All IRA members are to get a standard issue Burkha to help conceal their weapons, be it bombs or assault rifles.” 215 more words

Islam, France, Burkini: A chit chat on FB

Courtesy: Sangeeta Bodhi Das’ FB post

Once I met an Algerian Man who came here for a biking trip. He was taken aback by the liberty that the Muslim women in India enjoyed. 775 more words

The Feminist

Burkha Ballot Baloney

Coming in to work, I heard over the car radio that Saudi Arabia has just registered it’s first two female voters, in advance of December municipal elections. 1,736 more words