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It's a Long Walk, and It'll Never be Done

I dreamt I was in a time where women’s value was based on the honour they upheld,

Something that could be lost by as thoughtless an action as a slip of an ankle exposed. 502 more words

The Awesome Side Of Muslims

I’ll be the first to admit I say some pretty derogatory things about religions, one of which being Islam.

However, every now and again, I see something in reference to a faith that makes me smile. 6 more words


Nazir Habibov - Velikolepnyy Vek

If you ever wanted evidence of how ordinary people can be popstars in Central Asia, this is it. Right from the woman caressing a horse clothed in an Pringles-golden-moustache clad abayya with a short skirt (that’s a combo you won’t see Katy Perry doing…yet), you know this video is going to be interesting, though maybe not for the reasons the makers want you to think. 93 more words

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Freedom of a burkha

I boarded the plane in Nairobi dressed in a two piece grey burka with red and blue roses painted on the skirt border. But I arrived in Los Angeles for my fellowship at the LA Times in a pair of jeans and an orange thigh length kurta top. 669 more words


Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuin: burkha-kielto ei loukkaa ihmisoikeuksia

Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuin on päättänyt, että burkha-kielto ei loukkaa ihmisoikeuksia. Kirjava joukko erinäisiä muslimileikkejä harjoittavia idiootteja rasittivat oikeuslaitoksen resursseja valittamalla, että esim. Ranskassa harjoitettu laki joka kieltää burkhan käyton julkisilla paikoilla, loukkaa heidän ihmisoikeuksiaan. 14 more words


Court upholds ban on religious headwear - rioters balaclavas still Ok.

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld France’s ban on women wearing a veil or other full far covering for religious reasons, but say you can still cover your face for rioting reasons. 89 more words


France's ban on religious clothing in schools did not prevent removal of asylum seeker there under Dublin Regulation

 R (On the application of Mofazzar Baradarn and Malik Baradarn0 v Secretary of State for the Home Department and the Sikh Council Hampshire 24 June 2014  EWCA Civ 854 – … 1,979 more words

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