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Confronting The Inconvenient Truth

A few days back, I was travelling in a suburban train in Mumbai on a lazy Sunday morning. Obviously, the train was empty and only a few women were in the compartment. 1,408 more words

*Kyu hai "लिपस्टिक अंडर Your बुर्का" *

Bollywood has, at some time, given opportunity to the female actors to express theire desire, but there was always a little control on the characters. Probably, because our ADARSH SOCIETY is so scared to accept women as individuals. 301 more words


Lipstick Under My Burkha

A poor script where all the good actors are wasted. There was a good thought running regarding this theme but didn’t come well at all. 38 more words

Striking the right chords

Four women who want to be a little more acknowledged and free, and their intertwined lives with that of Rosy – the protagonist of a Hindi erotic novel – is what makes Lipstick Under My Burkha an absolute delight to watch. 587 more words

Movie Review

'Lipstick under my Burkha'

After a long battle with the censor board in India, a film about a group of Hindu and Muslim women is finally being released in the country. 14 more words

Politics And Society

Lipstick Under My Burkha actor Ratna Pathak Shah: Hope it shakes up the audience and makes them think

Lipstick Under My Burkha is making a buzz for all the right reasons now that it is finally set to release on July 21. We caught up with veteran actor Ratna Pathak who plays a fifty-five-year-old in the film and is being slammed for ‘not behaving according to her age’, in the film’s trailer. 1,644 more words


An Ode to Women Across the World

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