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Song Share: I Know an Old Lady, Burl Ives

For all you crazy kids out there, simplicity at its best:

Musical Influences


In this movie, there’s actually eight!

With Tarantino’s frosty western gorefest about to splatter all over us in glorious 70mm (it opens in the UK while I’ll be busy shooting my own, much, much smaller film), and with this being the season when I quite like looking at snow without having to touch it, I popped Andre DeToth’s DAY OF THE OUTLAW in the Panasonic, wowing Fiona, who is not normally an enthusiast of the oater. 330 more words


My Christmas Hate Post

Some people send Christmas cards, I write Christmas hate posts.


When I was a boy I believed in Santa Clause. Then one day, when I was 9, I found out he wasn’t real. 170 more words

Solstice Claus is Coming

Today is the day of the Winter Solstice, the moment in the calendar year when the northern hemisphere reaches its most light-starved point. For those who care about such things, the nadir happens at 10:49 pm local time, and then we begin the long slog back towards summer’s warmth. 262 more words


Top 5 Classic Holiday Songs

‘Tis the season, so here is my list and I’m checking it twice…

My top 5 Classic Holiday Songs (with links) are:

5. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley… 35 more words


Sci-Fi Review: The Ewok Adventure (1984, dir. John Korty)

Yes, the Ewoks were cute, fun, and Warwick Davis, but did we need two movies devoted just to them? I guess so. This movie is about two kids who are separated from their parents after their spaceship crashes in Northern California where a bunch of little people are cosplaying as Ewoks. 896 more words