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"And the Music Goes Round and Around"

As I write about music and my life, I thought I better include images and descriptions of the devices I used to listen to it. A number of my followers don’t know about these “historic” methods!  317 more words

Female Phainopepla Painting

Female Phainopepla — Computer Painting by kenne

The cool wind blew in my face
and all at once I felt as if I had
shed… 26 more words


White Dog

Film Title

White Dog


Samuel Fuller


  • Kristy McNichol as Julie Sawyer
  • Paul Winfield as Keys
  • Burl Ives as Carruthers

A confronting film about racism, White Dog is necessarily uncomfortable and probing as it really takes on the subject matter and doesn’t sugar coat anything, making it chillingly realistic. 998 more words

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Memory Lane: 'Grandfather's Clock'

This was in old song, from 1876, but it was popular when I was a little boy, and I remember it. It used to move me close to tears, and still does: I guess because I loved my Grandpa. 69 more words


Brennan on the Moor

Something for the weekend.  Brennan on the Moor sung by the Clancy Brothers.  The song dates from the 1840s, and is loosely based on the exploits of Irish bandit Willie Brennan who was hanged in the early part of nineteenth century.  50 more words

Christmas Conspiracies

The lead up to Christmas is always my favorite part of the whole holiday.  The anticipation, scents, and sounds make me so happy that I can almost forget the winter world is a cruel and barren wasteland. 1,064 more words

'I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day' (Burl Ives)

There was a lot more to Burl Ives than singing “Jimmy Crack Corn.”

This carol defies the evils of a fallen world. What more can we add to that, but “Sing Louder!”