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Thursday Links

“Making Labor Visible” on Domestic Scenes: The Art of Ramiro Gomez (and interview with the artist; images are from the link)

No Splash (2013). Acrylic on canvas. 100 more words

Thursday Links


From the looks of the local billboards and the ads on the sides of transit buses it seems that there are two really big problems in my part of town. 1,110 more words


Be Nice and Clean! Creating and Maintaining An Atmosphere of Professionalism

The word nice has several meanings but in this case I am referring to only two: politeness and accuracy. Professionalism requires both, and living by example is the best way to impress that on your students. 671 more words


Quote of the Day

Within this vale
Of toil
And sin
Your head grows bald
But not your chin

—Burma Shave


Significant Stones

Were they thrones,
shaped for greater kings;

commandments raised for lesser
souls; tombstones

to honor the past, templates
for tomorrow?

Granite soldiers, standing… 77 more words