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best natural ways how to boost metabolism

Do not believe that you have to eat 1500kcal to be fit and beautiful. No calories intake is good for everyone. The main goals for you should be eat what you like and eat a lot of vegetables. 939 more words


5 Ways Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight.

You wake up and reach for your trusted old friend caffeine. A nice cuppa coffee. You drink coffee to invigorate your body, restore your senses, and stimulate your nervous system to make you feel more awake than the alarm clock did. 424 more words

Fat Loss

Just a Quick Post

So, things are going slightly better and slightly worse regarding my crushed foot. The foot itself is doing better, but since I’m healing, I’m burning so many calories that I’ve lost two pounds in two days. 234 more words

Researchers Saying-Chewing Gum While Walking Burns More Calories

Walking and Chewing gum, at different focuses in this present country’s history, has filled in as a benchmark to check one’s capability as a pioneer. 690 more words

My diet plan that actually worked! (recipes included)

Let’s face it, ladies, once you hit 30, losing weight is harder than Ron Jeremy in a 19-year-old cheerleader.  The older you get, the slower your metabolism – which is fucking ridiculous because the older you get the more energy you actually need.  1,728 more words



1. Makan kerap : Setiap kali anda makan, ia akan merangsangkan metabolisma badan anda.

2. Ambillah protein pada setiap hidangan. Protein chains are harder to break, making you burn more during digestion. 151 more words



Yesterday I went running outside in addition to my regular HIIT workout. I am so sore!! But that’s another blog for later, maybe. Anyway I went running in a conservation area very close to my home. 732 more words