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New Year's Day

“Today I want
to resolve nothing.

I only want to walk
a little longer in the cold.”

-Kim Addonizio
“New Year’s Day.”

With the dog for company, it was really nice.

"Et Cetera

6 Mile Ouch

Went trail running again last weekend and somehow eked out 4 miles of running and another 2 of hiking back and realized only a day after the fact that maybe I wasn’t prepared for that kind of workout. 228 more words


Keeping Things Fresh…

I’m pretty simple and could do the same thing just about every day. However, my body goes into a holding pattern and if I have any desire to change the way my body functions, then I have to change my diet activities. 553 more words


Burn extra calories during the day...

With Winter fast approaching I am dreading the cold weather. I prefer to find the silver lining and hopefully this is it! There are a few additional things you could do during the day to help you burn some extra calories. 414 more words

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calorie counter to lose weight free

This way, burning calories will not search like a job for you but will grow to be a pleasurable way of turning out to be wholesome. 541 more words

Bikram Yoga

How To Burn Fat From Stomach

How To Burn Fat From Stomach

Want to know how to burn fat from stomach and keep it of for good? Read this article to find out how to lose the belly fat. 419 more words

Grocery Store Workout!

Going to the grocery store is another one of those time-consuming necessities of our lives.  I love to take the every-day, mundane “have-tos” and make them work for me.  275 more words

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