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The Recovery of Ausome: Visitors

All in Due Time

Okay, Brigadier General Buzzkill here, it’s time to convey some guidance regarding visitation of Ausome now that he had been extubated once, and they are periodically lowering his sedation level. 407 more words


The Recovery of Ausome: Woot!

Relentless Procession

The clock ticks incessantly; forever marching forward. There are few times in life when this becomes as apparent as when you are watching the clock ticking away as a loved one lies on an operating table. 259 more words


The Recovery of Awesome: You Said What!??

The Arrival

Arrived at the hospital earlier this evening, we have a  different staff than last weekend, so we expected some minor differences. Differences are what we expected. 317 more words


The Recovery of Ausome: Possible Prankery and Pleasant Surprises

Austin has continued to use his strong will to push through a rough post-surgical day (Tuesday) and another surgery today.

I cannot explain how relieved we are that he is still with us. 336 more words


The Recovery of Ausome: Surgery 1 - Escharotomy (Back) Update

Austin is out of surgery. He is recovering at the moment.

They were able to remove the remaining burnt skin from his back. Unfortunately, they were not able to place any of the homografts. 139 more words


The Recovery of Ausome: Surgery 1 - Escharotomy (Back)

Austin is slated for his homograft surgery tomorrow; timeframe indeterminate due to the University of Utah Burn Center being part of a Level-1 trauma unit. 175 more words


The Recovery of Ausome: An Unplanned Journey

The Burning Man in Sun Haven

Where to begin?  I suppose for your sake, we will start at what you likely know of as the beginning – the event, the incident, or what has stuck in my head since we first decided to share a very intimate portion of our lives with you – “The Burning Man”. 1,699 more words