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Fear of the Lord

“Fear of the Lord” is one of those phrases from the Bible that needs to be unpacked, to be thought about more broadly than is usually done. 1,521 more words


Three Things You Missed When Jesus Walked on Water: Part 3

Today we wrap up this three part series on Mark 6. This last connection can be easy to miss, but once you see it, it will blow your mind and bring this whole thing together. 434 more words

Jesus Walking On Water

God In Unexpected Places

It’s hardly a place you would expect to find a $1 million painting.

But one March morning, Elizabeth Gibson was on her way to get coffee, as usual, when she spotted a large and colorful abstract canvas nestled between two big garbage bags in front of an apartment building in Manhattan, New York. 864 more words

I've got a tablet again and it's...fanart time!

Moses saw a bush that was on fire but not burning, and he went to go see why. He walked up to it and was like, “Oh! 81 more words


God's Answer to "Why?"

There’s this slow death that takes place when you’ve waited for something for too long. When you face something in your life that creates an ongoing question in your soul, eventually something begins to erode. 1,175 more words


Three Things You Missed When Jesus Walked on Water: Part 1

Have you ever watched a movie in which the plot is complex and winding, the use of foreshadowing and referencing is expertly crafted? Each time you watched you picked up on new elements of the story that brought fresh meaning and significance to what happened to the characters. 419 more words

Jesus Walking On Water

Who Heard God's Third Double Knock?

The Bible records only eight times when God reiterates someone’s name. The first time was to Abraham. Skipping a generation, He spoke the next one to Abraham’s grandson, … 327 more words