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Burnout: (n) physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

One of the most interesting little stories in the Good Book, whether you hold to its authenticity or not, is the tale of Moses and the burning bush. 211 more words

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Exodus 3

The Burning Bush

Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian.

Moses had been in the land of Midian forty years. (Acts 7:30) 730 more words


The Hebrews: From the Call of Abraham To The Passover

Moses is given credit for authoring the first five books of the Old Testament. These books cover the history of the Hebrew people, spanning from their earliest ancestor Adam, down through their experiences as slaves in Egypt, their exodus from Goshen, and their wanderings during the 40 years before they entered Canaan, the promised land. 1,363 more words

Tellit On The Mountain

The Burning Bush

Are you in the wilderness?  Do you feel exiled?  Are you way off course from where you thought you should be?  Somewhere in-between Eastern Egypt and Southern Israel…so to speak?  783 more words

Humbled: A story of Moses

Humbled.        It’s what we all need to be.

God broke Moses of all self-will with one resounding failure. With one self-inflicted, fit of wrath and grasping for control, He broke Moses of pride and self-will, with one incident and forty years to think about it. 1,427 more words


Seasonally Out of Sorts

We are seasonally out of sorts.

Winter did not come

and spring has usurped summer

o’erleaping gradual emergence

making handsprings of blossom

cancelling whatever June… 78 more words