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The "Open Book" Test And How To Best Take It - By Marc

An “Open Book Test” is one where we can literally use the text-book, or online pages to help us pass an exam. On one hand, it reduces the test to speed and the ability to find answers quickly. 942 more words

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I Am That I Am

It was an ordinary day. The sky was blue with beautiful white puffy clouds. The air was typically hot. I was tending sheep at the base of the mountain. 993 more words

Devotional Messages

Moses Turns Aside: The Tough Choice for American Christians

I’ve been thinking about Exodus a lot lately. There’s no denying the importance of this book in the Hebrew text. Its unifying theme of liberation from oppression runs throughout the Hebrew Bible and is referenced one hundred and twenty times in its pages. 887 more words


Burning bushes

Exodus 3:1-12

As you begin reading this post, consider a few questions. When was the last time that you heard God speaking to you? When was the last time you actually became still so you could listen? 242 more words


Beating Around the Bush (Beha'alotcha)

Is there any connection between the lighting of the menorah and the fires of Nadav and Avihu? What about the branch of almonds that sprouted following Korach’s rebellion? 1,568 more words


So Near, So Far

There are many ways to follow Jesus.

The one that resonates with me these days is the path of the mystic.  I believe that a deep connection to God is possible.  535 more words

My Story

A Small Voice

We are told that as humans, we’re born with a conscience. It’s purported to be a voice that instructs us on the difference between good and evil. 105 more words

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