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My Journey With Burning Mouth Syndrome - Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day. 

I have received cards and flowers and even a surprise Starbucks coffee from our daughter who lives near us. It is a good day, filled with memories of the two beautiful, bright babies who grew into incredibly cute and inquisitive toddlers, went through their individual awkward teen years and came out the other side as stunning and brilliant young women. 790 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Woman's 'Burning Mouth Syndrome' Had Strange Cause

A healthy 65-year-old woman developed a relentless burning feeling in her mouth that stumped doctors and dentists for months before its strange cause was found, according to a recent report of her case. 590 more words


Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes,Symptoms And Treatment

What Is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

A medical term, Burning Mouth Syndrome is used to describe the chronic or frequent mouth burning for no noticeable reason. This results in the tongue, lips, gums, cheeks, mouth roof or widespread mouth areas discomfort. 487 more words

Burning Feeling In Mouth

Burning Mouth Syndrome Symptoms, Treatment - Herbal Product

What Is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

This problem is known by several names

  • Glossodynia or glossopyrosis
  • Orodynal or oral dysaesthesia
  • Stomatodynia or stomatopyrosis
  • Burning tongue or sore tongue…
  • 532 more words
Burning Mouth Syndrome

The Pity Party - Burning Mouth Syndrome

I have been suffering with Burning Mouth Syndrome for nearly six and a half years now. Interested in learning more about this mystery disease?

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Personal Stories

Modern Snake Oil

Becky was a beautiful southern Louisiana girl. She had spent many years in the cosmetic industry, doing facials at a contemporary spa. This is how she first wandered into my door, with chronic tendonitis from holding her arms up for hours at a time while attending to her customer’s blemishes. 923 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome- A Multifactorial Condition

It is a chronic pain syndrome defined as the burning and painful feeling in mouth with no certain organic cause. Currently, it’s considered neurological and not at all psychogenic as this was believed previously. 506 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome