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Special Events and Burning Mouth

Both of our daughters are getting married. The younger’s wedding is just a couple of months away, and the older daughter’s wedding is next spring. Once in a lifetime moments happen, and you want to treasure every one of them, but your chronic pain companion will also be a guest at that special event and maybe you are wondering what you can do. 385 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning Mouth Syndrome & Your Weight

As I described in a previous post (Weighty Decisions-Life with BMS), Burning Mouth Syndrome has added weight to my body, mostly from stress, but also because eating feels good. 631 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning Mouth Syndrome Natural Treatment

Burning tongue is a syndrome in which an individual has a burning sensation in their mouth. The pain increase to the tongue, lips, and the internal part of the cheeks and to approximately all areas of the mouth. 747 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

A Decade of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Another Mother’s Day is past and I enter my tenth year with Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). It is my constant companion, the first thing I think of when I rise and the last thing I think of when I go to sleep. 322 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

The Ninth Year with BMS

Mother’s Day is a week away, and for me, that day of celebration is mixed with one more anniversary with Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). I have another blog at  284 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Dentists & Burning Mouth Syndrome

I am nearing nine years with Burning Mouth Syndrome, and if you have read this blog, you know I have tried many things to control or cure it. 345 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Chronic Orofacial Pain: Burning Mouth Syndrome and Other Neuropathic Disorders

Chronic orofacial pain (COFP) disorders, collectively, affect a large proportion of the population. They can involve dysfunction in multiple systems: musculoskeletal, vascular, neurovascular, neuropathic, idiopathic, and psychogenic. 131 more words

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