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The Pity Party - Burning Mouth Syndrome

I have been suffering with Burning Mouth Syndrome for nearly six and a half years now. Interested in learning more about this mystery disease?

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Modern Snake Oil

Becky was a beautiful southern Louisiana girl. She had spent many years in the cosmetic industry, doing facials at a contemporary spa. This is how she first wandered into my door, with chronic tendonitis from holding her arms up for hours at a time while attending to her customer’s blemishes. 923 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome- A Multifactorial Condition

It is a chronic pain syndrome defined as the burning and painful feeling in mouth with no certain organic cause. Currently, it’s considered neurological and not at all psychogenic as this was believed previously. 506 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Vitamins and Minerals for Dental Health

Eating healthy foods full of vitamins and minerals, or taking vitamin supplements, may prove more beneficial than to just overall health. While most vitamins and minerals—if consumed in the appropriate quantities—are valuable, certain vitamins… 513 more words

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What is burning mouth syndrome?

Imagine waking up, going about your day, and suddenly feeling like your tongue, lips and mouth are scalding. You didn’t burn your mouth on any hot liquids, but it certainly feels like it. 294 more words

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Internet Interventions - When Someone is Suicidal

I have been active on a Facebook Closed Support Group page for Burning Mouth Syndrome sufferers. It is a positive experience most of the time, but occasionally things take a turn for the worse, and I see people posting suicidal thoughts and deep despair. 420 more words

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