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Maxim's Story - Session 03 - Into the Fire

This was a fun session. I need to say that first, because I am likely going to spend a lot of time complaining about things that went wrong. 1,246 more words

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Kento's Story - Session 2 - The Kidnapping of Yabe Nana

Session 2 of Kento’s story and our first full-length one! We do a quick recap of what happened in our last session and dive back into it.   1,530 more words

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Maxim's Story - Session 02

These games are the first time that I have done serious one on one play, as well as the first time I have done bi-weekly sessions (at least by intention and not by people flaking). 1,268 more words

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Kento's Story - Session 01

War, now memory
Shed blood shared turns to shared blood

Three swear brotherhood
How quickly children forget

A peace can not last
Brothers betray their brother… 1,797 more words

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Maxim's Story - Session 01

So, on the 1st of the month, I met online with a new roleplaying buddy Blaine, to organize a pair of one on one Burning Wheel games. 1,528 more words

Actual Play

Still Not Dead! Gaming in the Last Month

From my last post:

That’s where we will pick up tonight, I might be too busy to get tonight’s session written up by the weekend, but I will try to get it done by monday.

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Devil Survivor 22XX

Burning Greyhawk, Comic Strip AP, Episode 6


After Session Thoughts

I was hoping for some time to let the Range & Cover mechanics breath a bit, have some arrows and fireballs flying around the back-alleys of Greyhawk but the dice decided and death was swift. 200 more words

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