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Mining the Situation in Iron Gods

Paizo puts out these free PDF’s for many of their adventure paths and here’s the one for Iron Gods. They are chock full of art, ideas and a map or two. 670 more words

Burning Wheel

You may have seen me mention Burning Wheel once or twice. Much as I love In Nomine (and Legend of the Five Rings), I still feel that… 49 more words


Burning Wheel Codex - What Exactly am I Backing?

Today, the folks over at Burning Wheel HQ launched a Kickstarter for a new Burning Wheel RPG product. Keeping with my recent article about how I dislike how many companies use Kickstarter, this caused me to pause slightly. 386 more words


Hacking Skill Progression in Call of Cthulhu

Since February I’ve been playing in a Call of Cthulhu campaign. It’s been a fun and somewhat terrifying ride. We’re playing the seventh edition, but as a player I’m not noticing massive differences from the sixth edition. 715 more words

Roleplaying Games

Second Entry

Year 1110, May 8

It was a good day at the court. I visited Arron who updated me on some of the political goings on in the court and university. 307 more words

Burning Wheel

First Entry

Year 1105, February 10

Brookeham, what a magnificent city! I love it in the spring. The flowers bloom everywhere, and the students are dreaming of young love and showing excitement about the start of summer research. 674 more words

Burning Wheel