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Two games from my past have creeped up on me over the last day or so.

First, I received the Burning Wheel Codex as part of my contribution to the Kickstarter. 1,104 more words


Features of Burning Wheel That I Enjoy(ed?)

  1. Scripted conflict resolution
  2. Helping & FoRKs
  3. Circles
  4. Character burning
  5. Character advancement

Scripted Conflict

For scripted conflict resolution (Duel of Wits, Range & Cover, and Fight!) there are more streamlined options (i.e. 823 more words

Role-Playing Game

The Goldwine Wall, a digital craft project

I made a map of the Goldwine Wall, the name of a series of castles and fortifications along the river of the same name in the… 79 more words

Burning Wheel, Bloody Clashes

Witt and I are tinkering with a battle system based on Burning Wheel Gold’s Bloody Versus.

Aaron and I are getting together online to play a game to test it out. 370 more words

Situation Mining: House Mormont

 Inspired by Lyanna Mormont on the later episodes of Season 6, Game of Thrones, I thought I’d do a quick and easy Situation Mining post. Naturally, you don’t have to make this set in Westeros if that squicks you out. 366 more words

Burning Wheel

Burning Minutiae

tl;dr: talk to you players;engage the system – ORC!

The Traditions of the Swordlords campaign has reached a point where the frontier nation has grown and now they are collecting taxes and founding a proper state ( 366 more words

Burning Wheel

Situation Mining: Shattered Star

I’m looking at the Players’ Guide to Shattered Star and it is an adventure where the players are called upon to retrieve an ancient artifact: 645 more words

Burning Wheel