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RPG a Day: Character development

31. What is your preferred method of character improvement and why?

[Alternate question from BrigadeCon’s list. The default question for today was: “What is the best piece of advice you were ever given for your game of choice?” but it didn’t shake loose any ideas… 146 more words


Why I Won't Be Doing a Review of the Burning Wheel Codex

As you might know, sometimes I review RPG stuff on Ferretbrain as part of my Kickstopper series of articles doing autopsies on various Kickstarter outcomes. 44 more words

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Situation Mining over at Take on Rules

Jeremy over at Take On Rules has a few Situation Mining posts that are amazing. It makes me imagine a forest of gaming blogs with tons of ready-made BW campaigns ready to roll with folks playing each other’s games and talking about ’em and sharpening each other’s situations and beliefs. 391 more words

Burning Wheel

Situation Mining: The Bargain of Burgundy

My prior reading of Blood Royal: A True Tale of Crime and Detection in Medieval Paris by Eric Jager inspired the following situation.

Callous guards have pulled you from your cold and dank cells. 213 more words

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Situation Mining: Dwimmermount

The ancient wards of Dwimmermount have fallen; At least that is what you heard from a wandering ascetic. There must be treasure and forgotten knowledge buried within that legendary mountain. 285 more words

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