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Thinking about Greyhawk for Comic Strip AP

When it comes to big picture Greyhawk, I think of odd bits of science fantasy worming its way into medieval life from wizards’ clones to tech bits from the Barrier Peaks. 341 more words

Burning for Burning Wheel

I recently began posting on both Twitter and G+, more so on G+, about my upcoming excursion into Burning Wheel. Now I am starting to see more and more posts on both social media sites about Burning Wheel. 213 more words


Situation Mining: The Mummy's Mask

One of the blogs that inspired me to start this one The Githyanki Diaspora does this thing they call Situation Mining.  That is, take something, be it an actual RPG module, a TV show, whatever, and distill the core tensions down to a playable situation, typically for Burning Wheel.   1,195 more words

Traditions of the Swordlords: The End

The End

We started our Burning Wheel campaign using the Kingmaker Adventure Path more than 2 years ago.The game started with Zora and Hajek traveling south to the bandit fort. 487 more words

Burning Wheel

Teaching the Game - Burning Wheel

In addition to running Revenge of the North (the postmortem of which you can find in my previous post), I also recently ran a pair of Burning Wheel games targeted at new/inexperienced players of the system. 1,902 more words


What are you playing?

This used to be a thing back in the day. The hope is that it will allow folks to think about what is happening at their table, what they would like to happen in the future and inspire conversations. 64 more words

Burning Wheel

Campagin Postmortom: Revenge of the North

There is something ironic about my first real post on this blog being about the end of the game, but things can work out funny that way. 1,908 more words