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Prepping for the Next Session of Burning Wheel

We’re playing again next weekend! I need to put some thought into this! We last played the game back on the 14th of December. More than a month ago! 1,344 more words

Building a Set of D&D House Rules

I have very fond memories of D&D 2E combats:

* Firing into melee
* Declare actions, roll initiative, then resolve; Repeat each round
* Spell casting disruption… 435 more words

Role-Playing Game

BURNING WHEEL: Gift of the Magi -- Characters

Burning Wheel! We burned characters and played for a few hours last night.

A recap of the setting and situation details:THE SETTING
Think Game of Thrones. 920 more words

The Gift of the Magi -- Notes for a BURNING WHEEL Session

Getting ready to run some Burning Wheel tomorrow. I used Luke Crane’s World Burner Questions he posted on the BW forums a while back. Here’s the short sketch of what I came up with: 1,633 more words

Too Many Days of Games: 118 - Mouse Guard

File Me Under: Mrs. Frisby and the Fellowship of the Ring

What It’s All About: Mouse Guard is a slimmed down Burning Wheel variant by… 371 more words


I'm good, thanks - D&D 5E and the increasing difficulty of finding your niche

What you should listen to during this post: Berserk – Forces

So, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, eh? That seems to be something people are talking about. 824 more words


Rafferty, Book One, Chapters 1-9

Chapter 1

The Apt Pupil

The King and Queen convert to a new faith and now Sorcery is illegal.
Enter Rafferty, a 16 year old boy with the morals of an alley cat and the sorcerous ability to call fire. 485 more words

Burning Wheel