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The Servant and the War

The game starts at around 56 minutes in if you want to skip the character burning and belief writing.

The Situation

Our scoundrels were not going to make it to the table tonight, so we went to the… 495 more words

Burning Wheel

So i GM'd my first game of The Burning Wheel today.

It was fantastic. I was a little worried going in to be honest. The amount of rules, skills and a new system were very daunting. However, it all worked out and i think the main reason it worked out so well is due to the reward system in the game. 526 more words



To begin with I would like to introduce our world and characters. We began play after one session of setting burning and one session of character burning. 1,922 more words

Burning Pendragon

This topic has been rattling in the back of my mind since me and my group closed out our last RPG Campaign, at the time we where playing Trail of Cthulhu which oddly enough has been the system we have played the most of so far, so I should get to writing my thoughts on that some time. 437 more words

Burning Wheel

Meet the Party: Burning Wheel

A strange cultist who everyone ignored until he accidentally summoned a lesser demon. A noblewoman, cast to the nunnery for birthing a bastard and now on the run from a coup. 1,326 more words


This is actually happening

Not my new writing project. I mean, that is likely going to happen, but I’m still figuring out how to line up my writing time and move forward with it. 352 more words


Kento’s Story – Session 3 - Raid on the Black Onis [End]

I was sick two weeks ago, and Blaine had some important business last week so there was a gap in our games.  While we managed to meet this week, shifting schedules meant that this would be the last of Kento and Maxim’s games, at least for the foreseeable future.   1,560 more words

Actual Play