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Why You Should Be Playing Paranoia (and Other RPGs)

“I’m sorry, Citizen; the flight manual for the Experimental Hypersonic Future-Craft is not available at your security clearance and cannot be downloaded to your cerebral CoreTech. 3,819 more words


Kaigan - Session 2 - Murder in the Basement

Last Friday, we got together for Kaigan again.  Had to make it work with the convention, but I think we got a fairly good session overall. 846 more words

Actual Play

Plague Island - Session 1 - The Curse of the Idol

Last Friday we had our first session in the game that is alternating weeks with Kaigan. This one which we’ve been calling Plague Island (Probably not a fully accurate name after we went through situation burning, but I titled a blog post after it so we’re stuck with it now!). 937 more words

Actual Play

Kaigan - Session 1 - The Murder of Yamoto Kaito

Been doing around monthly games of the Gulf of False Hope, would maybe like to do more but it has mostly been falling on me to organize it and provide space for the game.  1,572 more words

Actual Play

Playing behind closed doors

Recently, the topic of player’s versus character’s knowledge and secrets at the table became hot in both of the groups I play with.

The discussion boils down to the question – whether all players should participate in each scene? 959 more words


Rewards driven story

RPG is all about rewards.

Once you finish a session or a scenario the experience points are given, loot is shared. Rewards.

But it makes a huge difference in the gameplay what is rewarded and how. 1,054 more words


Trying to place some extra emphasis on role play in Dungeons and Dragons.

So we are in the process of house ruling some processes to deepen the role play of our Dungeons and Dragons, Storm King’s Thunder campaign. The two systems that are borrowed heavily from are The Burning Wheel and Dungeon World. 374 more words