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Burning Minutiae

tl;dr: talk to you players;engage the system – ORC!

The Traditions of the Swordlords campaign has reached a point where the frontier nation has grown and now they are collecting taxes and founding a proper state ( 366 more words

Burning Wheel

Situation Mining: Shattered Star

I’m looking at the Players’ Guide to Shattered Star and it is an adventure where the players are called upon to retrieve an ancient artifact: 645 more words

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Situation Mining: Skull and Shackles

I’ve been using Paizo Adventure Paths as the inspirational starting points for Burning Wheel campaigns.

There’s adventure to be had on the high seas when a group of press-ganged strangers seizes a ship and becomes embroiled in the plots and politics of the Shackles—an infamous island chain dominated by pirate warlords.

636 more words
Burning Wheel

The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves

Thor Olavsrud has just released a new adventure for the Torchbearer RPG (with sweet sweet cover art by Peter Mullen) featuring cartography by your’s truly! 23 more words


Reflecting on Dreamation 2016

I dipped my toe back in the convention waters with Metatopia last year and knew I’d be going back to Dreamation this year. It was nice to be back.   647 more words

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Burning Wheel: Pathing Out A Life

Lifepaths are a rarely explored method of character generation (chargen). Cutting up a character’s life into a series of stages and combining them can lead to some very evocative, dynamic, and real characters. 594 more words


Situation Mining: Iron Gods

Paizo puts out these free PDF’s for many of their adventure paths and here’s the one for Iron Gods. They are chock full of art, ideas and a map or two. 670 more words

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