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Fate of the Mouse Guard: Here you go!

Mouse Guard RPG (1st ed.)

War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus

That’s my mouse, running away from three giant spiders and dragging the bad guy with me. … 864 more words


Burning Greyhawk, Episode 2

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Burning Wheel

Locien’s Spellbook

Using Art Magic from the Burning Wheel Codex

Fiery Phoenix Sword

Summons a finely balanced flaming hand and a half sword with phoenix iconography. 81 more words

Burning Wheel

Burning Greyhawk, Episode 1

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Burning Wheel

Locien Wester (played by an older John Cho)

Belief 1

I will recover the eye and hand of Vecna to resolve this cold war, reuniting The Circle of Eight and maintaining stability in Flanaess.

156 more words
Burning Wheel

Burning Wheel RPG is Once Again Available

Yesterday, Burning Wheel HQ published the following press release regarding the availability of the Burning Wheel RPG.


It has been a trying time for us here, the keepers of the flame.

283 more words

Campaign, Rulings, Descriptions, and Questing

Favor Campaign over Characters

In most games, characters start fragile. A dead character should not end the campaign. Players are busy. An absent player should not scuttle the session. 651 more words

Role-Playing Game

Mouse Guard RPG - Love or Hate?

One of the weirdest RPG genres to work with is Anthropomorphic. At face value, it’s not a genre that excites me. I could care less about playing some fun-loving panda bear or trickster raccoon. 270 more words


Thinking about Greyhawk for Comic Strip AP

When it comes to big picture Greyhawk, I think of odd bits of science fantasy worming its way into medieval life from wizards’ clones to tech bits from the Barrier Peaks. 341 more words