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Catch & Release....Being OK with the Flow

I heard a term today that rocked me to my core. I am living life half-open. I cannot take credit for this term, but when I heard the words, I would’ve rather been hit by a bullet. 480 more words


Bowls and Burnout

Last January, I set myself a goal of writing a weekly blog post. Mostly as a discipline thing; partly for writing practice; partly to lay a foundation for the future. 645 more words


Forgiving ourselves

I think forgiving ourselves is at the core of moving on, moving forward and getting unstuck! The quote below speaks to me so beautifully of that. 378 more words


Musings of my Mind

Warning — will be discussing some personal things that some may find concerning. Despite what I write about I have never nor will I ever intend harm to myself or others. 609 more words

Personal Thoughts

Burnout, Kid Cancer, and Unconditional Love

Burnout: Etiology or Symptomology?

I went to a breakfast seminar on physician burnout this morning. If you are not a part of the medical world or are otherwise foreign to the idea of physician burnout, suffice it to say that… 1,905 more words



I just feel so tired of everything, of everyone. Please send help.