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... and New Job!

To start off, I didn’t last very long in my previous job.

  • 1 month in: I knew I was stressed out.
  • 2 months in: I reached emotional burnout.
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"Embrace your inner soft boiled egg," they said...

Since I’ve been home I’ve managed to find a really nice and wise burn-out coach. He’ll be dissecting me like dr. Frankenstein over the course of the next few months, as I’m determined to make this burn-out history once and for all. 664 more words


Easy Order – Blog 293

January 21, 2018

“Today is unique!  It has never occurred before, and it will never be repeated.  At midnight, it will end, quietly, suddenly, totally. Forever.  1,777 more words


It'll be fun they said...

While it’s not age appropriate for me to still call my wishlist a bucketlist (whoa granny!), and I’ve missed out on being part of generation Y by one year (and therefor deemed myself as generation L… et’s see what this button does), according to the world I am on schedule to be burned out. 695 more words


Working through burnout

There are two aspects to professional burnout that organisations committed to excellence in the welfare sector need to recognise in their staff. One aspect relates to ‘working through burnout’ – as in, staff continuing to work despite experiencing the current effects of professional and emotional burnout; the other relates to ‘working through burnout’ – as in, working it out. 698 more words


Burnout and Traveling

After administering my students’ final exams at City College, attending a research meeting, I could not wait to catch a flight to get out of New York. 1,988 more words