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A Big Written Ummm

There are some issues endemic to the writing of a daily blog.  They’re not so bad if you’re just writing what’s on your mind on that day.  658 more words


Beware of Burnout

In the day-to-day demands and stress that we all face, coaches, AD’s and leaders burn out at a faster rate now than ever. 202 more words


Have We Lost the Ability to Say “NO” at Work?

One of the biggest challenges in the modern workplace is work overload.  Too much to do, too little time, not enough resources, not enough energy! 993 more words


How to Prevent Burnout From Spreading Like Wildfire

Let’s be honest: disrupting burnout seems like quite the tall order these days.

The market is complex. The needs are great. We are earnest to do impactful work. 467 more words


American Muscle Crash and Fails

We all love the roaring sound of a 7ltr V8 but not everyone can handle the power output of the all american muscle cars we see in this video… OUCH!


Meltdown: Poet as Francis Bacon’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Can’t breathe anymore no sleep perchance to dream
screaming inside out pop-eyed dangling on the edge… 168 more words


sabbatical angst

Sabbatical angst is well documented. For example, here. And yep, with a week to go now until the much-longed-for departure date, I’m feeling it.

On the surface, this may seem strange. 1,397 more words