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Is it burn out or not?

Recently I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; which is, by its nature, really an absence of a diagnosis as there is no “test” as such.   332 more words


Oh hello there, shadow side....

There is an unexpected outcome that has resulted from my writing. While I am so grateful and happy that this blog is helping others, it is actually helping me more. 793 more words


How To Avoid Travel Burnout

Travel Burnout.  I must start with this disclaimer – I still get it.  But I’m getting better at taking care of myself on the road.  I also think I learned a lot about travel weariness in this past year. 1,140 more words


The Beginning

Back in 1983, I knew I was off to college to earn a degree in Communication Disorders- big label to say I was going to be-another big label-a Speech-Language Pathologist.  281 more words


Not Really Teaching English

The last time I wrote about my ELL class, I had six students: two from Mexico (Marshall and Kit from the story), two from China (Julian and Sebastian), one from Africa (Charlotte), one from India (Amit). 1,996 more words


A Day in the life of a Nurse

On Friday, if anyone were to ask me if I’d recommend nursing as a profession or if I’d be happy if my children told me they wanted to become nurses, I would have said no. 1,122 more words

breaking the surface

Tenille Campbell recognized burnout and then did something about it: “But slowly, slowly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t feel the joy. I couldn’t feel the passion. I felt… grey. Nothing. Absent.”

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