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Extreme FOMO

The post about saying farewell to the strong woman actually started off with the above title, but it grew into something else, so I’ll have another go at talking about extreme FOMO here. 2,193 more words


Reaching Through Darkness

The basil I planted in January sits on my windowsill, arching sturdy stems toward the light. I sit back from my computer and take a breath. 402 more words

Weekly Tea Discussion: Is the Librarian Profession Overworking the Librarians?

On a crisp, unusually warm February afternoon, I went out to lunch with a few of my co-workers/friends and other librarians. It was President’s Day and we had off, a rarity in our profession. 695 more words


Journaling: How to Start!

Hey there beautiful souls! We’ll be finishing the three part series on Journaling today!

Before we talk about how to start your journaling habit, I want to go over what journaling is NOT for. 354 more words

Putting on my party dress to work out

Sometimes I like to watch really bad televison to just either fall asleep or to numb my racing mind after a long day of work. Have you ever watched the television show Scorpion? 539 more words