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Melissa 11

I was eight when I got burnt. I was living in Harare in a house and we called our cousins to visit. It was nearly Christmas. 175 more words

Curriculum vitae

The other evening the children came on masse, as they often do, to the little cottage I stay in on site when I’m here. There is always a lot of humour at the Chifi house and, ¬†after the children had formulated their CV’s at school that day, Bronwen sent them along to me to ask for a job. 200 more words

Joe Slovo, a great man, a shabby settlement.

Squatter camps are scattered about Greater Johannesburg and further afield across southern Africa – usually created by the need for work, more than 4 million people live this way. 1,080 more words

Woolworths and Sorbet

The local Woolworths (yep still here) continues to donate food to the charity. Without a hint of irony the children receive what is the equivalent to M&S food hall delicacies, albeit hard to sell or on sell by date. 241 more words

..full steam ahead

Rien ne Dit- 3

Rien was beside himself with excitement, but waiting oh so patiently on the platform for the steam train to take us into the countryside from Johannesburg Park Street Station.

Chubb Johannesburg...party

Wendy – General Manager Chubb Johannesburg

amazing what some people do to raise money.. kind of like a school sports day for staff, in the blazing sun with adults bobbing for apples, foraging in flour for spoons, and competing in three legged and sack race tasks. 58 more words


Nosihle Khubeka  10.

‘I was five when I was burnt in Mpulanga. I went to the room to fetch my jersey and I was dancing to some hip hop music. 89 more words