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Forlani (Burnt By The Sun) Song Review (01/05/2015)

Forlani (Burnt By The Sun) Song Review:

Hello Jamie here and I will be reviewing the song, Forlani by Burnt By The Sun. Now it is a short song coming under three minutes, but it does have a good replay factor, the song seems to change often, but can seem too quick, though it’s a screaming song, the vocals can be debatable. 17 more words


Burnt by the Sun


There is a fascinating Russian film titled Burnt by the Sun, which manages to put an interesting spin on the most repressive Stalinist period of Soviet history. 650 more words


Ultramantis Black - Ultramantis Black (Review)

From the US, Ultramantis Black play Hardcore Metal.

The first thing to take in is the album cover, which is very striking. There’s something about it which appeals to me greatly. 335 more words