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Random Start: Human Remains - “Rote”

I heard of Human Remains because one of their guitarists played bass on Deadguy’s last EP when Pops took over on vocals. I never really got into Human Remains, mostly because of the vocals. 62 more words


Dachas on film 2 - Burnt by the Sun

Of course, Mirror (see previous post), is not the only film about dachas, families, the Russian summer and the intersection of private lives and public events. 94 more words


Burnt by the Sun. Mikhalkov.1994

In terms of interview preparation I have some Russian films to watch. Yesterday it was “Burnt by the Sun”. I had no expectations and even hadn’t read the plot or the minor wikipedia article before the watch.  324 more words


Random Start: The End - “Orthodox Unparalleled”

In their brief career, The End went through a hell of a lot of musical shifts. I know the changes from the previous EP to this full length may seem minor, but gone are Tyler Semrick-Palmateer‘s distinctive vocals, replaced by Aaron Wolff who sounds more like Burnt by the Sun’s Mike Olender. 165 more words

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