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Review of Burnt Offerings

I remember seeing Burnt Offerings on television when I was about ten years old. Certain images from the movie stayed with me all these years. One such image is the movie’s prominent haunting figure – a creepy looking hearse driver. 635 more words

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Some more prayer exercises

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Monday morning, Pastor asked me to pray about some anger management issues among our youth.  Some have been somatizing their anger, e.g. 659 more words


Burnt Offerings (1976)

Dan Curtis is most well remembered as the creator of gothic soap opera Dark Shadows (poorly remade as an irreverent fish-out-of-water comedy starring Johnny Depp in 2012), but  remembrance of his legacy should also include his direction of 1976’s horror film… 752 more words


The Perfect Summer Rental For The Last Vacation You'll Ever Take

Today I watched a 1976 horror mystery film, directed by Dan Curtis (“House Of Dark Shadows”, “The Kansas City Massacre”), titled “Burnt Offerings”.

The screenplay for the movie was co-penned by William F. 450 more words


no one on board even knew...

three wise seagulls
sunset meditations before dark
did they hear some celestial music?
who would save them in a world gone mad?
do we need nature when technology… 63 more words


Burnt Offerings

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Burnt Offerings is a dated yet classic take on a haunted house, a hungry house. 384 more words


only semblance of reality...

don’t ever mock someone’s love
maybe it’s burnt offerings to you
but to that person it may be
the only semblance of reality they have left…
(Copyright 04-01-14)