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Ezekiel 46: Offerings

Ezekiel 46Offerings

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I am struck by several things as I read this chapter in isolation from the rest of the text: in Ezekiel’s vision of the New Jerusalem, the faithful make offerings each morning, the princes are to provide for their sons from their own resources rather than the resources of the people, and the temple offerings are cooked in the temple kitchens to prevent… 582 more words


Sensory Deception

by Deanne Baum

You may have heard of sensory perception, sensory overload, and sensory deprivation — but what is sensory deception?

Humans in general experience the benefits of having five senses. 903 more words

Christian Life

God Remembered Noah

Genesis 7 ends with a cliffhanger. Noah, his family and every kind of animal are on the ark. Rain had fallen for 40 days and not only were the windows of heaven opened but the fountains of the deep were broken up. 62 more words


Gospel Doctrine 2016 - Lesson 37 - Whosoever Will Come, Him Will I Receive

1. Great destruction occurs in the Americas at the time of Jesus’ death.

3 Nephi 8:5 In the first month, on the fourth day of the month… 3,770 more words


Burnt Offering Redemption

“Remember the last time you attempted to bake?” Her friend Julie pointed out. “You almost set the kitchen on fire.” 

Emily shrugged her shoulders and answered, “But I didn’t set the kitchen on fire. 531 more words


Review: Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco (Audiobook)


My original Burnt Offerings audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco is a slow-burn of a horror novel, one that I have to admit I struggled with. 478 more words