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Lombok Man

This was a nickname that our friend acquired while in Lombok. I’m still not sure why, but it’s fun to say, LLLLLOMMBAWK MAHN. (that’s the correct pronounciation) 298 more words

Fakin' Bacon - Eggplant Bacon

I never liked bacon. There was just something about the smell and the grease – which is apparently what draws most people to bacon in the first place, but it never took with me. 549 more words


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been living like a middle-aged woman. I’ve been going to bed early, staying in on the weekends and buying lots of presents for kids’ birthdays. 713 more words


Friday Flop: Grilled Pizza

It’s hot.  Have you noticed?  I dislike using my oven when it’s hot, but we wanted pizza!  I use my grill and slow cooker as much as possible during the summer, and had been contemplating trying pizza on the grill.  178 more words

Friday Flop

Trials Evolution

Dear Web,

I completely forgot to mention something in my last post….

I’m pregnant.  488 more words

Daily Post

Lake Park

Skated Lake Park yesterday with Mitch and T-Bird.

Fighting through a seemingly endless amount of rip-stickers, Mitch managed to learn a trick on the flat bar.

Mitch Ledbetter