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My wife hates it when I pass gas. Help!

Pavlov’s toot

Dear Funny Problems

I’m a Dad and I love my family. We’re a happy-go-lucky bunch and enjoy spending time together. Even though our two boys are in high school, they still like hanging out with their Mom and Dad whether we’re going out to eat, watching movies, going for hikes or playing board games. 373 more words

Using Burp on ActiveX hosts.

When using Burp and you receive a “No response received from remote server.” Check to see if the site requires ActiveX (cheap ip cameras etc). After seeing requiresActiveX=true, the work around was to insert this in to the match & replace. 12 more words

The BodgeIT Store Series #7, Change your Passwords via a GET Request – #bodgeit #infosec #pentest #appsec #webapp

Happy hacking!

Today’s blog post is #7 in the BodgeIt Store series.

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Today’s topic is we’re going to change our password via a GET request. 168 more words

The BodgeIT Store Series #6, Access Someone Else's Basket – #bodgeit #infosec #pentest #appsec #webapp

Happy Hacking!

Today’s post is #6 in the BodgeIt Store series.

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The topic for today is to access someone else’s basket. 182 more words

Science Notes: Cosmic table manners

Here is a news item: The Hubble and Chandra space telescopes have detected a new belch emerging from a black hole located about 800 million light-years away. 553 more words

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