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Tyler is sitting on the couch.

He farts extremely loud.

Jason: What? What was that?

Tyler: The couch is talking.

Jason:  A little butt burp.


Etiquette for Burping in Public

|*Etiquette Snippet™ with Francis Anyaegbu*| Week 10

Welcome! Following the overwhelming feedback on last week’s #EtiquetteSnippet on “farting” (yes you heard me right, although you will agree it’s an edgy thing to discuss); I have decided based on request to focus on etiquette for other bodily functions for this month. 268 more words

Breaking Back: A Basic Lesson in Mommyhood

**I wrote this a year ago when L was still a little baby, and am a bit surprised that I never actually posted it. It’s making me worry a bit (since I have another one coming), and I hope that this time I get it right from the get-go. 971 more words


Things You Can't Do in Amerik

I officially have one month left in Senegal. Sooner than I even think possible, I’ll be stepping off of the plane and making my way through customs to an undoubtedly tear-filled reunion with my family and friends. 868 more words


Good morning, Brie. It’s Monday.

I brushed my teeth of you
But burped out of nowhere
And there you were.
That same bad taste in my mouth. 170 more words

Real Life

Deleting Facebook Albums Without Permission

was poking around Facebook looking for security vulnerabilities. Facebook runs a bug bounty program which means if you can find a vulnerability that’s serious enough, it can earn you cold hard cash. 326 more words

Security Hacks