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Phillips Phunny: The Perfect Burp

A voiceover artist demonstrates some impressive FAKE burping skills.

Maurice LaMarche is the voiceover actor who played The Brain on “Pinky and the Brain” and has provided a TON of other cartoon voices over the years. 30 more words


-- Another event at Hanford site; annual reporting not including frequent radioactive 'burps' from tanks; public exposure is much higher

From RT

11 May, 2016 03:39

One of the Hanford Site tank farms that holds high-level nuclear waste was evacuated due to reports of an odor in the area. 775 more words

3 Rules of Extreme Netflix and Chill Days

I am sitting in bed today.

I’m not ill, I am blessed with a pair of legs and I haven’t even been working that hard. I’m just having what I call a: 355 more words


Most Embarrassing Moment 

I’m not one to be embarrassed. It would take a lot to make me blush even. Now let me tell you something else about me. I think that girls shouldn’t burp or poot in front of anyone. 251 more words


Y is for Yertle the Turtle

Ok so I may be pushing the boundaries of the definition of fantasy, but what could be more fantastical than Dr. Seuss? It may seem a strange thing to blog about but, being honest, I was struggling for a Y when I remembered this. 138 more words

Book Review

Understand your body noises

Rumble, crackle, pop, achhoo … Familiar with that? Yes! Our body makes several kinds of noises and it somehow has a way of picking the worst possible timing. 1,216 more words

Did You Know ?

Stop Burp-Shaming Me

There is no denying that I am constantly filled with gas. I often wonder why I weigh so much when I am filled with hot gas. 160 more words