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Who's that kid?

Dear Love Bug,

Tonight you got an Oreo for dessert because you ate all your pizza and your fruit. (High five!) You twisted it apart and licked the cream out of the middle before eating each chocolate cookie. 216 more words


Come Run With Me For New Experiences

While running over the weekend, I burped so hard that spittle flew out of my mouth. I usually associate that with sneezing, but never burping. Was that my first ever snurp?



He announces his

entrance with a hearty burp;

Why do they do this?

By Scooj


Gross things all girls do

  1. Burp
  2. Not cleaning hair brush out
  3. Cleaning your ears and then looking at the Q-tip
  4. Not showering
  5. Finding a hair in food and still eating it…
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Burp: (n) a belch

The definition of crazy: believing what is in your head because it had the spunk to come to your mind.

If a persistent idea can survive some scrutiny, it should be granted merit. 262 more words

B Words

One should use every opportunity to fart or burp loudly when no one is looking. It is one way you pay back to this mean and selfish world.


A burp is loveable not annoying. But only if that sound comes from your baby! That all important burp from your baby gives you immense satisfaction that your baby had a good feed. 1,153 more words