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The burp.

It was neither the place nor the time, but there was no resisting the power and majesty of that burp. I tried to smother it in my throat, but it would not be contained. 169 more words



Have you ever burped and had a little bit of vomit come up?

Do you usually spit it out or quickly swallow it back down?

Be Honest.

I swallow.

Facts About Me

Secret Question, Secret Password or My Insane Thoughts on Auth Security

This occurred to me after guessing friend’s secret questions(with their permission), from simple stuff like entering “123” for the flight number and similar to a bit more complex one: “my dad” for who’s your best teacher. 273 more words

Blokirati ToR ili ne? Pitanje je sada…

Prošli vikend sam surfovao po ToR-ovim skrivenim servisima jer mi je bio plan da za ovaj blog post napišem nešto kao “Turistički vodič kroz Darknet”. Od te teme sam na kraju odustao, ali mi je jedna stvar zapala za oko: dok sam preko ToR-a pristupao sajtovima na “običnom” internetu, nisam naišao ni na jedan koji bi me blokirao. 2,082 more words

Network Security


Tyler is sitting on the couch.

He farts extremely loud.

Jason: What? What was that?

Tyler: The couch is talking.

Jason:  A little butt burp.


Etiquette for Burping in Public

|*Etiquette Snippet™ with Francis Anyaegbu*| Week 10

Welcome! Following the overwhelming feedback on last week’s #EtiquetteSnippet on “farting” (yes you heard me right, although you will agree it’s an edgy thing to discuss); I have decided based on request to focus on etiquette for other bodily functions for this month. 268 more words

Breaking Back: A Basic Lesson in Mommyhood

**I wrote this a year ago when L was still a little baby, and am a bit surprised that I never actually posted it. It’s making me worry a bit (since I have another one coming), and I hope that this time I get it right from the get-go. 971 more words