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DVWA Brute Force - Main Login, Low, Medium and High

I’m going to wrap up the knowledge I gain from g0tmi1k four blogs about DVWA Brute Force

at start I’m going to write some commands and options I’ve used… 1,138 more words


11/09/16 - Woah

So… Trump was elected president last night. I just got home from work and its 9 am on the dot. I normally leave work at 7:30ish and get home at like 8. 583 more words

Cyber Security Software for Beginners - Part 1 - Kali Linux and Burp Suite

To a beginner, Cyber Security can be an alluring field, but one that can be very difficult to traverse. Where do I begin? What do I learn? 676 more words


reactions, will ferrell, elf, burp, burping Gif For Fun

reactions, will ferrell, elf, burp, burping Gif for Fun at your Time


German Expressions: "That Was My (Disgusting) Idea."

Let me begin by saying my German wife and I are disgusting. And as I’ve mentioned before: My wife is a world-class belcher. She can rip a skull fart unlike any other; so long and so loud, it actually hurts my ears (and turns my stomach). 398 more words


Episode 10 Barnes Clips

In this episode Barnes starts off by demonstrating a 6 out of 10 burp. He gives a few thoughts on his life going from growing up in North Carolina to being a man dedicated to living a simpler life in Montana. 121 more words

Burp proxy inside a VM for mobile app

This is the scenario when you have a mobile app that needs a proxy, and your burpsuite inside a vm. Below are some checks that you need to do to get to get your proxy working. 152 more words