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Windy farms, windy botties.

We’re on cable burying duties on a windfarm. Foundation A08, our target, is a tantalising 120 metres away. Up until a few minutes ago we were making good progress towards it, then there was a bit of an event that brought things to a halt. 101 more words


In Space, No One Should See You Belch

So we recounted a fuel cell failure on STS-83 in 1997 that led to a shortened mission for that crew (and an eventual re-flight).

A similar but more harrowing failure of a fuel cell occurred, long before, on the second Space Shuttle mission, … 958 more words

Space Shuttle

Supreme Court Appeal Request Denied: Teen Arrested For Burping

On May 15th 2017, The U.S. Supreme Court decided to not bring a civil rights lawsuit against Albuquerque Police Officer Arthur Acosta for arresting an unidentified 13-year-old… 427 more words

Bad Piggy

A Korean Saturday at Baek Yuen

Disclaimer: This is a trial food blog entry

I’ve been living at Bacoor, Cavite for the past 27 years and I’m proud to say that I belong to a friendly loyal neighborhood with whom I’ve spent entirely all my life. 1,460 more words


4-Minute AMRAP Superburn

CONDITIONING WEEK 5: This WOD is won or lost in your head. You will max-out all the way, so just keep on going. A good start after your deload week… 196 more words


Who's that kid?

Dear Love Bug,

Tonight you got an Oreo for dessert because you ate all your pizza and your fruit. (High five!) You twisted it apart and licked the cream out of the middle before eating each chocolate cookie. 216 more words


Come Run With Me For New Experiences

While running over the weekend, I burped so hard that spittle flew out of my mouth. I usually associate that with sneezing, but never burping. Was that my first ever snurp?