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#12. Friday is for | Confessing my bad habits

Being a blogger and being pretty active on Twitter and Instagram, it’s easy to put up photos and posts that show me being awesome and at my best, but sometimes I’m really not. 360 more words


#24 the burp hoop

Just did a sick burp at work.

Smelt a mixture of whiskey, scotch, vermouth and chlorine …

Why did I drink so much swimming pool?


How to manage a crying baby during breastfeeding?

Many a time women face this difficult situation of your baby crying while you are feeding baby..
Women find it difficult to stop them from crying because baby is hungry but there is something that preventing baby from sucking milk..I had experienced similar situation many a times and each time reason for cry was different. 376 more words


A Risky Burp Suite Module: Active Spider

I am sure, most of you are familiar with Burp Suite. It has a lot of wonderful modules for pentesters but some of them can be dangerous such as Spider. 206 more words

Ana Sayfa

We’re Anti-Antacids, are you?

Jamaai babu, ek aur laddoo? Ho jaye laddoo!” Effervescent salt commercials that promise ‘Kaam shuru sirf 6 seconds mein’ can certainly convince you to eat the ice cream after you’ve just had the gulab jamuns, after the dal chawal, which you had after you had already gulped down four rotis along with aloo mutter, palak paneer and malai kofta. 720 more words

Facts, Myths And More ...

To flatus or not to flatus

This morning I hicupped and burped at the same time. This isn’t exactly unusual for me but right after this useless talent of mine ( 344 more words

Rambling Goat