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Episode 10 Barnes Clips

In this episode Barnes starts off by demonstrating a 6 out of 10 burp. He gives a few thoughts on his life going from growing up in North Carolina to being a man dedicated to living a simpler life in Montana. 121 more words

Burp proxy inside a VM for mobile app

This is the scenario when you have a mobile app that needs a proxy, and your burpsuite inside a vm. Below are some checks that you need to do to get to get your proxy working. 152 more words


There Was A Young Man Called Strathspey by Michael Palin

There was a young man called Strathspey

Who swallowed a pigeon one day.

He felt such a twerp,

He made himself burp

And the pigeon flew out and away.

by Michael Palin

Happy American Thanksgiving from ecology!

Celebrate with this primer on the ecology of wild turkeys.

Also, reupping this (click the image for the source):

Although I’m having turducken. :-)

Just For Fun

birthday, happy birthday, burp, hallmarkecards, burpday Gif For Fun

birthday, happy birthday, burp, hallmarkecards, burpday Gif for Fun at your Time


Infacol vs Gripe Water for the windy baby that spits up milk

At the first month check up, in response to baby’s daily spitting up the doctor recommended I give project #2 something to help with her gas issues. 400 more words


Gassy Gassy Baby

It’s been a rough two days. #2 has been crying and screaming during the evenings. This is accompanied by lots of milk puke which soaks me to my underwear if I’m sitting and my bra if I’m carrying her upright without a muslin cloth on my shoulder. 125 more words