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Workflow for testing APIs for Security and Performance

Hello, again!

After discussing the strategy to be followed for testing any new API developed to run a check for Security and Performance, we have come across the following strategy. 478 more words

API Testing

Mom and Her Mom-isms

Just thinking…

Mom had a subtle but keen sense of humor that jumped out every so often.  Usually it was accompanied by a tiny twinkle, but sometimes she just dead panned through to the end.  285 more words

The Final Struggle

I’ll be honest – it was quite a fight.

My guts felt like they were about to burst, as I took blow after blow from my opponent. 208 more words


My wife hates it when I pass gas. Help!

Pavlov’s toot

Dear Funny Problems

I’m a Dad and I love my family. We’re a happy-go-lucky bunch and enjoy spending time together. Even though our two boys are in high school, they still like hanging out with their Mom and Dad whether we’re going out to eat, watching movies, going for hikes or playing board games. 373 more words

Using Burp on ActiveX hosts.

When using Burp and you receive a “No response received from remote server.” Check to see if the site requires ActiveX (cheap ip cameras etc). After seeing requiresActiveX=true, the work around was to insert this in to the match & replace. 12 more words