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Y is for Yertle the Turtle

Ok so I may be pushing the boundaries of the definition of fantasy, but what could be more fantastical than Dr. Seuss? It may seem a strange thing to blog about but, being honest, I was struggling for a Y when I remembered this. 138 more words

Book Review

Understand your body noises

Rumble, crackle, pop, achhoo … Familiar with that? Yes! Our body makes several kinds of noises and it somehow has a way of picking the worst possible timing. 1,216 more words

Did You Know ?

Stop Burp-Shaming Me

There is no denying that I am constantly filled with gas. I often wonder why I weigh so much when I am filled with hot gas. 160 more words


Using Burp Intruder to Enumerate Wordpress Users

If you’ve ever encountered a WordPress installation on an engagement, your immediate thought should be to fire up the wpscan tool. We are all fans of wpscan– what’s not to like about it? 427 more words


Loudest Burp ever is 110.6 decibels and I'm not impressed.

I’m a big gas guy and I think burps and farts are funny. I know it’s not classy humor, but who gives a shit. You’re on this Earth for a short time, if you can’t laugh at a good burp or fart then I don’t want to know you. 97 more words

Phillips Phunny : The Battle For Loudest Burp

The battle for “World’s Loudest Burp” continues.

A guy in Australia tried to break the record for loudest BURP this week, and he thought he did. 27 more words


I cant burp :(

Well angels I’m having trouble burping again witch is so weird because I never had issues with this when I was younger I could pretend burp with my friends to see who did it the loudest lol I really hate this because it makes my chest hurt sometimes but I’ll be going back to the doctor again cause I cant deal with this I go things to do I cant be worried about chest pains and burping. 200 more words