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This Post is About Burps. And Food.

Today I listened to a coworker belch for over an hour.

This is my life.

I don’t just mean he burped, pardoned himself, and I went on living my life in relative peace. 218 more words

Major Life Events

Fart-ology, Poop-Ology, Apology

Recently, we visited cousins and my boys took to analyzing wall art that adorned their living room. The African Art theme depicts silhouettes of women going about their daily chores against distinctive, bright backgrounds. 254 more words


Terd 10/03 - "Digresst"

Digresst (Digress+Digest): To display some form of digestion burp, vomit, etc.), causing the dialogue to veer off topic

Digresst eg

Gal:…so I told the guy ‘no, but that sure is a nice ski…*BUUUHH* 6 more words


The Ten Beers That Make You Burp Most

This is useful for two types of people. The kind who like beer but don’t want to feel bloated. And the type who take pride in their burping prowess. 114 more words


The Beers That Make You Burp The Most

According to a new study, the beer that makes you BURP most is…

A scientist tested 31 different beers to see which ones make you burp the most. 100 more words


365 Challenge: Day 185 - Burp

Burp: to expel gas through the mouth from the stomach, to belch

There are days I wake up simply knowing the word for the 365 Daily Challenge. 1,058 more words

365 Day Challenge

Burping ...

This is one of those TMI entries. I've been known to write a few. Heck, lets not forget that my first blog entry on WordPress was about an eye zit. 209 more words

Life's Little Lessons