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Sunday December 10, 2017

3 attempts at max distance Farmer Carry


Every 3 Minutes for 21 Minutes

250 M Row

10 Burpees

Workout Of The Day

CF log 09/12/17 (Sat)

Partner wod! Finished surprisingly quick though it looked like a long list of things to do on the board.

With a partner –

50-cal row… 95 more words


Thursday December 7, 2017

Partner WOD


Cal. Row

Wall Ball 20/14

Medball Toss Situp

*Break it up however you want, just keep moving!

Workout Of The Day

CF log 06/12/17 (Wed)

Today’s wod was pretty diff! Quite happy I woke up for it haha. No barbells at all today~ It was kinda like 2 short wods. 117 more words


Monday December 4, 2017

Every 45 seconds for 10 Rounds 1-5 Strict Pull ups.  Pick a number you can manage to go unbroken with for the 10 rounds

7 Rounds For Time

7 Thrusters 95/65

7 Burpees

Workout Of The Day

Friday December 1, 2017

A. In 5 min work up to heavy Turkish Getup to bridge

Rest 3 min

B. In 5 min work up to heavy Turkish Getup… 20 more words

Workout Of The Day

CF log 29/11/17 (Wed)

There was no strength portion today; just warm-up then wod haha.


10-1 HSPU
Run 1 lap after each set


5 rounds –
10 power clean [(105#)] 29 more words