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Cleaning up Friday's 

Friday is more for functionality by doing cleans and some form of conditioning.

Today I feared my phone would die so I wrote everything on my hand so I could remember what I needed to do for my workout. 41 more words

Monthly Goals: Turning the Ship Around

As of the beginning of August, things had been sort of in free-fall for me for a couple of months. I feel like things have sort of turned around a bit—although the… 811 more words


Workout of the Day - Thursday 9/3/15


Pause 3 seconds @ bottom of each rep. 

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


EMOM for 20:00 of:

odd: 5 Burpees & 5 Goblet Squats… 8 more words


Lunges, Burpees, KB Swings

Warm up: 15 min. of squat therapy

This has improved from the first time I had done it. Wow, I’m impressed it works.

Strength: Find heavy back squat with 3 second pause at the bottom… 84 more words


The Chong Qing Grind - Day 5


50 burpees buy in

5 rounds:
30 diamond push ups
40 V-ups
50 alternating pistol squats

Immediately after perform,

5 rounds of:
20 divebomber push ups… 81 more words

Daily Grinds

Burpees & Barbells

Getting into week 6 of hiitmax. I have been so into the snatches & thrusters. If you would have asked me this a few weeks ago I would have said “I’m dreading the snatches…. 372 more words


Wednesday 9/2/15

Warmup 5 min EMOM

30(S)/20(E) DU

E: (DU’s are being elusive for some reason, keep hitting my shoe. But it did seem like the last round I was jumping higher which obviously keeps my shoes from hitting.) 53 more words