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A Year of Smiles - Day 116

Reason to SMILE #116: TMI (Too Much Information)

I always said that I wanted my babies to be boys and not girls. I think I would have deprived a girl of being a girl because I never have liked the frilly, pink and purply stuff. 184 more words

Random Musings


Burping is a natural bodily function and as a matter of fact, most people burp 7-21 times a day. Although, the illustrious and toothsome AF pouch of air that comes out of our mouth has never got the regard and gratitude it deserves. 659 more words


Sulfur Burps

What are Sulfur (Sulphur) Burps?
Sulfur burps occur due to accumulation of gas in the stomach and they need to be expelled to relief the discomfort.   19 more words

Halloween Candy Aftermath

The night surpassed all expectations;
Treats were manifold.
Sweets abounded everywhere;
Never mind the cold.
Delightful sugar dollops crushed for flavor by my jaw;
I munched on so much candy that my gums are feeling raw. 44 more words


Biryani Burps!

First on the biryani hit list is MEGHANA FOODS!!
Andhra style restaurant which serves rice curries and these amazing Meghana special biryani! Hot and spicy this steel bowl of goodness should be tried. 194 more words

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