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Sometimes, a guy just gota have his moment of thinking nothing and stoning out after a meal.

That’s call letting digestion run its course. When the tummy is doing its work, the rest of the body respects that hard work. 34 more words

Blue Hamburger Fish (by Oonagh)

Oonagh chose this poem’s subject by picking a random colour and two random things.

Still, calm, shy.
Blue hamburger fish.
Oh blue hamburger fish.
The still bubbles you blow. 11 more words

Oonagh's Poems


Thanks to Tilly, burps shall henceforth and forevermore be known as “mouth farts”

Short Stuff

A Celebration Resuscitation!

As some of you know, I like to draw “Celebrate” stamps. The first such stamp (Celebrate Cows!) was drawn in 2009 for my then-three year old son. 199 more words

Doodles 'n' Drawings

Strange coffee hiccup-burps. Hiccurps?

I’ve noticed that since I started drinking (more) coffee this year,* I tend to get these weird mutated hiccupping things at random times of the day. 358 more words

Really Random Stuff

Joke of the day - Belch

Beth: “What does the Queen do when she burps?”

Susie: “She issues a royal pardon.”