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First Visit to BSF - Like a flashback in the Revivals of Old

Today was my very first visit to a BSF meeting. What caught my attention was the discussion leader Cutie. – Interesting sweet name. She was quite cute as in a small lady. 531 more words

En Spirituas

Kaela's pet peeves

pet peeve

noun informal
plural noun: pet peeves

something that a particular person finds especially annoying.
“one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service” 410 more words


styles of slavery

He touches the water

and brings himself the

fortune of being an african

prince on a plain owned

by the portuguese.  He can sing

and picks an old provencal name. 37 more words

I am She had a good nappy Mum!

“She had a good nappy.”

My childhood was spent listening to my Beloved Granny saying this line to my Mum or aunties when they came to collect babies or toddlers from her care. 489 more words


Boy Humor at the Dinner Table

As my boys enter adolescence, dinner conversations go awry. Humor has shifted from goofy giggles over burps and farts to socially aware but unacceptable quips. 116 more words


Sometimes, a guy just gota have his moment of thinking nothing and stoning out after a meal.

That’s call letting digestion run its course. When the tummy is doing its work, the rest of the body respects that hard work. 34 more words