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Healthy Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

I’ve had to stay away from rice this entire pregnancy because it hasn’t settled well with me, which is a bummer because I’m a huge fan of brown rice. 507 more words


Budget Eating: Couscous Burrito Bowl

Growing up in Belgium, I’ve always had a European touch to all my meals. My mother loved to cook and would always try and recreate recipes from other countries, and for that I thank her. 344 more words


There She Peels Again


It’s been a while!

It’s just been too damn hard to face the blog arena and salivate over our delicious pics of food (and ourselves, bc wow summer sweat looks good on us!) while our fridge slowly runs out of the 3 spinach leaves and runny bottom 1/4th of Chobani yogurt that have been sustaining us. 502 more words

Healthy Beef Burrito Bowl

10th July, 2017

It’s Mexican Monday here. We’ve always loved cooking Mexican food. Super tasty and a great injection of fresh salad and veggies for us all. 243 more words

Her Loves

The Burrito Bowl

Ever since the advent of Chipotle, I think everyone has their own version of this bowl, so here is my take.  All of these ingredients are basic, so feel free to spice up your own bowl or replace any ingredients based on preference, as with every recipe on this blog.   165 more words


DIY Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Hey guys! So since I moved I’ve been trying to get back on track with my eating habits and exercise habits. Moving can mess up all of that and it can be easy to fall into the trap of eating out and just watching Netflix all day. 199 more words

Build Your Own

Who loves meals that are both easy and impressive?🙋🏼This meal can be so versatile and is great for parties! Guests can make their own bowls or burritos just the way they like them! 104 more words