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Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Burrito bowls are a wonderful thing. Passing on the tortilla, you’re skipping the nutrition-less carbs and focusing on a burrito’s main attraction, the filling.
While I have made cauliflower “rice” on multiple occasions, it never had occured to me until waiting in line at my local Chipotle that I could in fact use this concoction to make my own, more nutrient dense version of the standard burrito bowl. 279 more words

Gluten Free

Supper at the Last Minute (Burrito Bowl Bar)

I was scanning my social media feed when I found this article from Good Cheap Eats. It’s worth the read and lists several really good ideas for making supper when you’re short on time or groceries. 648 more words


Eating well and giving back

In the dim light of my pantry, pine nuts look a lot like basmati rice. Either that, or I do a really shoddy job of verifying what we need before sending my hubs to the grocery store each week. 569 more words


Chipotle vs. Qdoba

Description & Justification: The Chipotle Vs. Qdoba Debate

A food argument that very commonly gets brought up is the big “Chipotle vs. Qdoba” debate. I chose to compare these two brands and look at each of their social media trends, engagement and influence in order to determine which is more popular in terms of the internet and social media. 583 more words

Qdoba Manager Mike

You can’t know that you want it until you know what it is. I tell everyone they can’t come into a Qdoba and not sample the flavors. 12 more words

B.L.T Burrito Bowl

Let’s talk burrito bowls. Just a different kind of taco night really or an excuse to cut up every vegetable that is on the edge and put it out in one dinner.  562 more words


Vegan Burrito Bowl

Where I work, there is a small Mexican restaurant that makes your food on the go.

After few weeks of gorging on their giant burritos and carne asada fries, I learned from other customers in line that I can enjoy their delicious Mexican cuisine by purchasing the ingredients separately in a plastic bowl. 50 more words