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Into the Dark: The Hidden World of Film Noir 1941-1950

Last year at this time was week 8 of TCM’s The Summer of Darkness which I had a fun time participating in.

This year instead of a summer of Darkness Noir course we are treated to a keeper of a Noir book written by Mark A. 50 more words


I believe we should appeal to people at the higher levels. – Burt Lancaster http://ift.tt/29CCsMi

Burt Lancaster

Classic Monsters and Movies in Mars, PA. ........ Day 1

“What are some of the movies you’ll be seeing?”

That was one of the skill testing questions I was asked at the Peace Bridge border crossing as I made my way from Canada into the United States over the July 8th weekend. 700 more words

Daily Take

Mike's Take on The Movies Goes to Mars ......... Again.

I’m off to Mars, Pennsylvania once again for another weekend of classic monsters. I fully intend to sit in and watch titles like 1945’s The Body Snatcher with a group of film fans who love the film as much as I do. 229 more words

Daily Take

Lawman (1971)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 5 out of 10

4-Word Review: He does not compromise.

Aging western marshal Jarrod Maddox (Burt Lancaster) rides into the town of Sabbath determined to retrieve five ranchers whose drunken revelry the year before resulted in the death of one of his town’s older citizens. 513 more words


Summer of Noir: Brute Force

Burt Lancaster stars as a criminal trying to escape from prison. It is an over crowded prison and there are six men to a cell. At one point it is revealed the prison is holding twice as many men as it was designed to hold. 123 more words


Movies Watched in June 2016 Part II

If you’re looking for films from this century, you won’t find much from my second half of June 2016 list, but I hope you’ll find some to consider (and maybe one to avoid). 1,473 more words