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Field of Dreams

Hey, everyone! Don’t cast me out for being late. I wanted to break up the 60s streak I was building today with a slightly more recent film,  613 more words


Letterman Takes on a Trio of Tough Guys.

Thankfully over the past 50 years television has allowed us to see and hear some of our favorite actors play up their image or just be themselves on late night TV with a comedian playing host. 256 more words

Daily Take

The Killers (1946) - Robert Siodmak

Siodmak’s film noir uses Hemingway’s short story as the opening segment of the movie. The dialogue employed is almost word for word the same as in the short story. 585 more words

Hendrik Slegtenhorst

The Burden of Fear & Paranoia

The Flag of the Know Nothing’s of the 1850s

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Captain Jean Luc Picard said in Star Trek the Next Generation, … 905 more words


The Noir Template: Caught Cheating

In the unforgiving world of black and white, if you cheat, you get caught. The karma in Noir usually comes around and bites the protagonist in the ass. 13 more words


Day 11 of Noirvember: Top 5 Things I Love About The Killers (1946)

Based in part on a short story by Ernest Hemingway, The Killers is about a former boxer known as “The Swede” (Burt Lancaster) who is murdered by two hitmen because, in his words, he “did something once.” The rest of the film shows the efforts of an insurance investigator to unearth the circumstances that led to the Swede’s death. 490 more words

Film Noir

Brute Force (1947) Noirvember 2015: Episode 10

Brute Force (1947) Jules Dassin
Arrow Blu-ray (UK)
(Also available as a Criterion Collection DVD)

The plot of Jules Dassin’s Brute Force is about as simple as it gets: Joe Collins (Burt Lancaster, above right) and a group of his fellow prisoners seek to escape from Westgate Prison, and especially from the sadistic head of security Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn, above left), who uses inmates as stool pigeons, enabling him to have eyes everywhere. 245 more words