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The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)

If one were to go strictly by the cast list and noticing this film was directed by John Huston, then surely excitement would be in the air. 943 more words


Celebrating Kirk Douglas

It’s almost here…… December 9th 2016 when Issur Danielovitch Demsky will cut the cake on his 100th birthday. The world of course knows Issur as the cleft chinned Hollywood Icon, Kirk Douglas. 571 more words

Featured Actor

Movie Review - "Seven Days In May" (1964)

The whole reason I checked out this movie was because I noticed who wrote it – Rod Serling, the creator of “The Twilight Zone” and writer of the original “Planet of the Apes.” If you’ve watched enough of “The Twilight Zone,” you’d notice that Serling was a poltically-charged man, but also played both sides. 565 more words


The Killers (1946)

Title: The Killers (1946)

Time: 105 mins

Directed by: Robert Siodmak

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner, Edmond O’Brien, Sam Levene, Albert Dekker, & Virginia Christine. 930 more words


Classic Movie Review: Judgement At Nuremburg (1961)

Three years after World War II had ended, the Nuremburg trials were ongoing, by this time many of the infamous people responsible for Nazi war crimes were either tried or were dead.  771 more words


Army of Shadows (1969)

Director Jean-Pierre Melville’s controversial World War II drama Army of Shadows (1969), stars Lino Ventura as Philippe Gerbier the head of a small French resistance group. 399 more words


Executive Action (1973)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 4 out of 10

4-Word Review: Who really killed JFK?

A group of former intelligence officials along with right-wing corporate capitalists conspire to assassinate President John F. 585 more words