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Slate tiled floor cleaned and sealed in Burton on Trent

This slate tiled floor was installed in a Kitchen in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. The owner of the house felt it was time to get it cleaned and re-sealed so gave us a call. 20 more words

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Limestone tiles cleaned and polished in Burton on Trent

This Limestone tiled floor was installed in a Kitchen at a house near Burton on Trent. You can see from the photographs below that the Limestone had lost its polished appearance and was trapping dirt on the surface including a few stubborn marks; the grout was also looking grubby andRead more…

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A short piece of social commentary about England.

This England, part 1.

The war memorial and the market square
The woods and autumnal fair
A satellite dish on a terraced house
To refer to your partner as your ‘spouse’ 49 more words


A pilgrim in a foreign land, (a social comment).

Two parts sand to one part cement
Said the builder to some chap he knew from Kent
“Make sure you use the right joists”…
Then he supped his pint… 312 more words


A short poem written today, (11th March 2015).

Time is a slow beast
It meanders very much like a river
And like a lot of leaf litter
Sitting on the swollen water
We are carried away
Forward in time.


A poem about early Spring, (written, 10th March 2015).

Early Spring… remembering
All the Springs that have been before
The garden has seen better days
And will see better days once more…
The conifer tree stands silently… 83 more words


My latest poem... written today, (5th March 2015).

Hot Jupiters.

Hot Jupiters around some star
Billions of them light the imagination
As you glance at that passing car
And ponder on your situation… 78 more words