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Town and country

A weekend of being a tourist in London with a guided tour┬áto the Palace of Westminster and the Theatre – ‘The Goat, or who is Sylvia?’ with Damien Lewis and Sophie Okonedo… 35 more words

Burwash Sunset

Taken from the church looking over the valley


Random selection

Its been a productive month since France… beginning my ‘6 of each’ homework for AC (first pea-picker and peck pictured); two encouraging weeks at open studios; enjoying making hurdles in sunshine and rain; practicing underfoot walk-around slewed bottoms; recycling hazel and willow excess into Forest School projects; seeing what my bike basket looks like on Tanya’s bike. 21 more words

Fearing the Freshman Fifteen?

By Annie

Gaining weight in first year is normal. What’s important is to be healthy and happy with how you think, feel and move.

Where to work out… 433 more words