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The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost: A Beginner's Guide To Dungeon Synth Music Part 2 (The Goblin King)

Upon first doing this short series, I won’t lie and admit I was a bit hesitant. Why? Various reasons. None negative, but for the most part I sadly felt that this was a new fad that would shortly start going the usual route of so many before. 2,047 more words


Is Burzum NSBM?

Is Burzum a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Varg Vikernes, the man behind the band, has refuted these claims many times claiming that he played neither NSBM nor black metal. 125 more words

Extreme Metal

Slowly Building Weapons: The Return

Emerging from the brutally isolated Australian outback in the early 00’s, Slowly Building Weapons have, in the ten odd years since their post-debut fall from grace, become a cult obscurity. 1,371 more words