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Myrkur: the ultimate fulfillment of the National Socialist Black Metal ideal

By The Void

Eva Braun, the mistress and later wife (for a single day) of Adolf Hitler, was known to experience frequent bouts of jealousy if the Führer received so much as an approving glance from another woman. 714 more words


Profile: Phil of Debemur Morti Productions

Debemur Morti  Productions is one of the harder working labels in extreme metal. While maintaining day jobs, the people behind the label manage to put out a remarkable amount of music from hard-to-find bands and underground acts from around the globe. 1,340 more words


Vourdalak - Prayers to the Void Demo

Recently finding its way into my inbox from one of the members was a demo for his new Colorado black metal project, Vourdalak. I’m always down to stick some new local stuff in the speakers, and I’m certainly down to listen to black metal. 145 more words


Time Machine Review: Falgar – La Dama Del Alba (Puerto Rico, 2013)

If this artwork recalls Burzum, well, you want to listen to the music then….  300 more words


Burzum - Fallen

It is cliché to say that the post-incarceration Burzum albums suck. It’s also cliché to say that it’s cliché. Whatever. I really don’t care to write about Fallen, but I refuse to consider this album properly approached until I have some words published about it. 374 more words


The Warmth of Ice

Første vårens søndagsmorgen
kan vi igjen se den skare
Er endelig slutt på sorgen
over åker løper hare 273 more words


Burzum - Belus

In appreciating his contribution to the evolution of heavy metal, it’s easy to forget the horror that is Varg Vikernes. This is a man who killed his bandmate by stabbing him over twenty times,1 set fire to at least four old Christian churches,2 incited a potential “major terrorist act” in France,3 and escaped prison while on leave when armed with weapons.4 No longer considering himself a Nazi,5 Vikernes practices “Odalism,” which is a set of beliefs centered around honor, racial purity, eugenics, and rejection of Judeo-Christian “heresy” with influence from old Scandinavian pagan traditions.6 His memetic status and seemingly goofy image belie a disturbed, paranoid man who makes no secret of his hatred toward globalism and racial entanglement. 917 more words