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Varg Vikernes Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism

The present book is, as the title suggests, a series of reflections and afterthoughts regarding the ancient and original European traditions now generally denominated as “paganism” (a word used by the Christian world to refer to anything different in a derogatory manner).   1,917 more words


Ethereal Black Metal #6 – Chiral

Italy‘s Chiral are a band that dropped onto my radar a number of years ago and with the release of ‘Night Sky‘ they made me and many others sit up and take notice, even earning the attention of… 464 more words


Me(n)tal Pathways

In ancient times, a transcendental and reverential cosmological vision made of the hardships of reality a way to elevate intellectual life to the status of the divine. 1,674 more words

Black Metal

The Spirit Never Dies

A review by Maximus


When we wrote in 2013 that Nokturnal Mortum’s Voice of steel could not formally be recognized as ‘metal’, or at least not… 1,697 more words


Graznar a Estigia The Brinepit of Eternity

Alza su rostro entre la penumbra Graznar a Estigia exponiendo facciones que delatan la herencia crepuscular de Burzum.  Mas aunque las notamos en rasgos particulares en este u otro ángulo, un momento de contemplación nos revela los marcos sobre las que están puestas.  747 more words


Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Mayhem occupy a very interesting position in the history of black metal that merits discussion and requires clarification on its own.  And the present work,  1,343 more words