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Burzum - Fallen

It is cliché to say that the post-incarceration Burzum albums suck. It’s also cliché to say that it’s cliché. Whatever. I really don’t care to write about Fallen, but I refuse to consider this album properly approached until I have some words published about it. 374 more words


The Warmth of Ice

Første vårens søndagsmorgen
kan vi igjen se den skare
Er endelig slutt på sorgen
over åker løper hare 273 more words


Burzum - Belus

In appreciating his contribution to the evolution of heavy metal, it’s easy to forget the horror that is Varg Vikernes. This is a man who killed his bandmate by stabbing him over twenty times,1 set fire to at least four old Christian churches,2 incited a potential “major terrorist act” in France,3 and escaped prison while on leave when armed with weapons.4 No longer considering himself a Nazi,5 Vikernes practices “Odalism,” which is a set of beliefs centered around honor, racial purity, eugenics, and rejection of Judeo-Christian “heresy” with influence from old Scandinavian pagan traditions.6 His memetic status and seemingly goofy image belie a disturbed, paranoid man who makes no secret of his hatred toward globalism and racial entanglement. 917 more words


The Politics of Art

A couple of weeks ago, I started watching House of Cards (I don’t have Netflix, so I’m late to the party).  I’m about halfway through the third season now; I definitely preferred the show before Frank got into the Oval Office, and I cannot help but lament the lack of screen time given to Mozhan Marno, but that aside, the show falls firmly into the “I like it” category. 648 more words

Author's Musings

Ethereal Black Metal #2 – Kalmankantaja

Kalmankantaja which translates as Deathbearer are a band I have crossed paths with many times in the past but for whatever reason I never gave them enough attention or a focused listen, until now. 291 more words

Black Metal

Help, I Am a Black Metal Pleb

Black metal is a sadly misunderstood genre in the modern day, whilst some of the most beautiful, complex and powerful music of the last 25 years has come out of the black metal scene, we black metal listening folk are still haunted by the stereotyped caricatures of the 90’s, whilst so much black metal speaks of the of the anguish of man’s unspoken soul. 1,217 more words