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Your Music Doesn't Make You a Nazi

Today, I’m going to riff on a topic brought up by the amazing and hilarious Jeff O’Brien (of Bigboobenstein fame; check out the book in the link) on Facebook. 892 more words


“Let the arrow travel from god to god, 
all over the wide world. 
Let the arrow be sent from house to house, 
to our entire spirit kin.  247 more words

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Varg Vikernes finally explains why his music project Burzum never plays live concerts... a must watch!!!

Varg Vikernes black metal band, Burzum has made a total of 11 albums. Is Burzum a band? Yes but the band only has one member which is none other than Varg. 338 more words



“Come death, dear death;
give me the answer to all riddles,
give me key and wand,
untie the knots of the world.

Why in death, my friend, and only in death? 187 more words

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Sunday Dungeon Review: "A Chill Rises-An Ambient Tribute To Burzum" - (dungeon synth/dark ambient) by MATIVS

Regardless of your opinion of Varg Vikernes’s philosophies, his influence is undeniable.  That includes just his dark ambient/dungeon synth side perhaps most known from the two albums he recorded while in prison – … 363 more words

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Matte Painting based on 'Fattigmannen', 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' Album Cover

Full size: 4000×4000 px.
I always found this drawing (‘Fattigmannen‘ by Theodor Kittelsen, 1894-95 ) very evocative and inspiring, so today I decided to create a stylised photorealistic version of it. 55 more words

Digital Art

Reykholt Forest, Iceland - Photo Manipulations

Full size: 3558×3558 pixels. These two art pieces are based on two photos I took in November 2017 in a small forest near Reykholt, western Iceland. 107 more words

Digital Art