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Three Apprehensions of Black Metal

§ Some considerations

It is futile to try and have a discussion on whether black metal should be regarded as pure music, as myth or as entirely subservient to some ideology. 1,199 more words


Varg Vikernes: Revolt Against the Modern World

Varg Vikernes. Revolt Against the Modern World, 2017.

I am furious.

The world is falling apart. Everything is wrong. The roof, the walls, the very foundation, everything is rotten to the core.

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Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Side Salad

Dear Varg

K this one is gonna be kinda weird but I was in an orgy recently with these two sisters and a couple of other friends of mine and they were all really weird, but not like ugly weird, just, weird, you know? 202 more words

Drunk In A Graveyard

A Blaze in the Northern Sky (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Black Metal)

“We are a Blaze in the Northern Sky
The next thousand years are OURS” -Darkthrone- A Blaze in the Northern Sky

The 6th of June 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the burning of Fantoft Stavkirke by members of the Norwegian Black Metal movement.

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Moi qui n’ai jamais prié Dieu

Que lorsque j’avais mal aux dents

Moi qui n’ai jamais prié Dieu

Que lorsque j’ai eu peur de Satan… 30 more words


Is black metal kind of satanism?

Many people think that it is true. Let look at it. Varg Vikernes from one-man music project Burzum in one of his videos (Link on this video will be at the end of the entry) said: “Nobody there were Satanists in norwegian black metal. 711 more words

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