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Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Mayhem occupy a very interesting position in the history of black metal that merits discussion and requires clarification on its own.  And the present work,  1,239 more words


Possessed by the Moon

A legendary time and place for underground metal, the Norway of 1993 is a hidden landmark in time and space for black metal history. It saw the rise of a mythology of its own, the mythology of black metal, and an eventual catastrophic demise worthy of a saga of its own. 376 more words


Rudra Chakrin, Waugh, gin, Varg Vikernes

1. i’m mainly teaching Arbeitsamt these days, as the whole of Bavaria (including my usual company groups) go to Lake Garda from June to September, to wish they could be Italian, and to complain about the Italians. 1,420 more words

Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: What's Your Flavor?

Dear Varg,

Hey man.  My girlfriend and I have been fighting a lot lately because whenever we order pizza we can’t seem to agree on what kind to get.   151 more words

Black Metal

Manny's Magical Genre Guide: Black Metal

Directly from the depths of hellish, white teen angst was born the fiery brand of metal known simply as “black metal.” Exactly who coined the term first and which band used it properly is up for debate. 2,833 more words

Black Metal