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"Don't Enter!" - Drudkh

“If you are a false, don’t entry!” And if you are a false, do enter, because the only rule of this weekly section, in which we present you three short blurbs on music we are currently listening to, is that we are under no circumstance allowed to press the enter key. 695 more words


Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern / Eternal Spell / Chiral – Sed Auiis (USA, 2015) by Teo

Of course this isn’t a review, and it won’t be fair at all if it was since I’m the man behind Chiral.
But you know, and hope you’ll understand, I kinda want to spread the world and talk briefly about this latest work I crafted. 298 more words

Black Metal

Burzum's Han Som Reiste and the triumph of imagination

Det Som Engang Var translates to ‘What Once Was’ in Norwegian. It took Varg Vikernes all of five notes from the natural minor scale to realise this idea in sound. 289 more words

Black Metal

Proto-underground Metal

Arguably Slayer’s debut Show no Mercy and Hellhammer’s string of demos in 1983 laid the groundwork for death metal, the first full-fledged genre to fully emerge from the proto-death and black metal underground in the mid 1980’s. 716 more words

Metal Studies

Black Metal- Metal or Punk?

I’ve always thought the black metal, despite it’s name, was not metal. I mean sure, black metal has the theatrics of metal and the aesthetics of metal. 357 more words

Black Metal

Burzum Timeline

Burzum has long been regarded by this writer as the most essential black metal act ever.  In all actuality, Burzum may be the greatest metal act ever.  242 more words