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Black Metal- Metal or Punk?

I’ve always thought the black metal, despite it’s name, was not metal. I mean sure, black metal has the theatrics of metal and the aesthetics of metal. 357 more words

Black Metal

Who's who and what's what in Black Metal?

Black metal has an incredibly rich, if not evil, history and sometimes you can feel a little confused when reading up on it. Names and terms get dropped all the time and most of them don’t mean anything to the outsider. 418 more words

Black Metal

Its been a while...

Tr00 Kvlt- Black Metal

Birthed in the darkness and frozen wastes of Norway, black metal was the extreme music to end all extreme music. The first bands engaging in everything from self mutilation and satanism to church burning, murder and suicide. 338 more words

Black Metal

D.N.P remixes Stuart Estell covering Burzum on concertina

Stuart asked me to remix his quite unusual Morris dance version of Burzum….and i couldn’t resist the challenge. My remix is 100% concertina sound just mangled. 30 more words


Moral Listening- Does It Exist?

Every once in a while, a scandal hits the musical world which reverberates well outside of the scene it occurs in, making national news and causing widespread consternation. 941 more words


"Dream House"

Sunbather, 2013

See that album cover above? Beautiful, isn’t it? You can buy the exclusive typeface if you want — only $30. Or how about a… 143 more words

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