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1. i’m mainly teaching Arbeitsamt these days, as the whole of Bavaria (including my usual company groups) go to Lake Garda from June to September, to wish they could be Italian, and to complain about the Italians. 1,420 more words

Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: What's Your Flavor?

Dear Varg,

Hey man.  My girlfriend and I have been fighting a lot lately because whenever we order pizza we can’t seem to agree on what kind to get.   151 more words

Black Metal

Manny's Magical Genre Guide: Black Metal

Directly from the depths of hellish, white teen angst was born the fiery brand of metal known simply as “black metal.” Exactly who coined the term first and which band used it properly is up for debate. 2,833 more words

Black Metal

Burzum - Filosofem [FULL ALBUM]

Genre: Black Metal, Ambient

Lyrical Themes: Myths, Folklore, Odalism, Darkness, Philosophy

Country of Origin: Norway

“In 1991, when Satanel disbanded, Vikernes revived his solo project, changing the name to Burzum (which translates to “darkness” in J.R.R. 111 more words


Myrkur: the ultimate fulfillment of the National Socialist Black Metal ideal

By The Void

Eva Braun, the mistress and later wife (for a single day) of Adolf Hitler, was known to experience frequent bouts of jealousy if the Führer received so much as an approving glance from another woman. 714 more words


Profile: Phil of Debemur Morti Productions

Debemur Morti  Productions is one of the harder working labels in extreme metal. While maintaining day jobs, the people behind the label manage to put out a remarkable amount of music from hard-to-find bands and underground acts from around the globe. 1,340 more words