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A lost, forgotten, sad spirit is the finest description of one-man project Burzum. Not Varg Vikernes himself, mind you; all sympathy from his lonely upbringing as one of two children in his school district1 quickly evaporates upon learning of his highly racist and antagonistic perspectives to anyone and anything Judeo-Christian, notwithstanding his murder of Mayhem bandmate Euronymous. 1,057 more words


Racist/Phil Anselmo

Axl Rosenberg from Metalsucks.net and Robb Flynn of Machine Head fame, have both decided to speak out on the recent incident at Dimebash, where Phil Anselmo made a total ass of himself; choosing to heil and yelling “White power” to the attending crowd. 135 more words


Sylvan Awe – Offering (Australia, 2015)

While sometimes Black Metal could be the nest of evolution and innovation, other times it could be just granitic tradition. The latter is Sylvan Awe… 270 more words


Rádio Quântica - Satan Made Me Do It #2 (19/01/2016) [+tracklist]

Second SATAN MADE ME DO IT show for Rádio Quântica, filled to the brim with atmospheric, psychedelic and introspective black metal. But don’t worry: there’s also lots of death metal, old and new, to kick you in the teeth, and a dash of good ol’NWOBHM, just to help you keep going.  288 more words


2016 Will Be Great, Here's Why (Featuring Pop Punk, Burzum & Raves)

We’re all terrible people so here are some positive changes that the UTM editors are going to make for 2016.

Nathan’s Resolutions

Figure Out What Defending Pop Punk Actually Means… 1,003 more words


Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Trouble in Toronto

Dear Varg:

I need your advice! My girlfriend and I have been together for a few years and things are getting…well a bit stale. Is there anything you can suggest to bring the fire back in our relationship? 176 more words

Varg Vikernes