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Fluisteraars - Luwte (Review)

Fluisteraars are a Black Metal band from the Netherlands and this is their second album.

Fluisteraars forge their windswept Black Metal from a core of the harsh, razor-sharp second-wave sound and build on this with expansive and emotive qualities to produce the Atmospheric Black Metal that we have on Luwte. 192 more words


[Black] Metal & Media

“It’s very hard to recognize the truth when you are bombarded by lies all the time, every minute of the day…You’re bombarded by commercials and completely senseless information every single day. 247 more words

Myrkur - M (Review)

This is the début album from this Danish solo Black Metal project, although on this release she is joined by other musicians too.

This is second-wave Black Metal with supplemental ethereal flourishes. 477 more words


Video: True Norwegian Black Metal History

A great video of the history of Norwegian Black Metal and it’s beginnings.

Black Metal

Appreciating Hliðskjálf with borrowed cultural memory

Hliðskjálf, the second of Burzum‘s prison albums, was recorded with the intention of promoting old Nordic mythology and, in association with much second wave black metal, revivifying the flagging cultural memory of the Scandinavian region. 1,003 more words

Midnight Odyssey - Shards of Silver Fade (Review)

Midnight Odyssey are an Australian one-man Black Metal band and this is his second album.

Well, what an epic release this is. Eight tracks, lasting a colossal 143 minutes. 365 more words