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The Cat and his Lady

On my trip from Buea, I once met a cat,

White and grey, a feline brat.

In a bag he was, stay still he didn’t. 225 more words

My Diary

They come like buses!

So at 2pm I am stood waiting to catch a bus that quotes to arrive every 10-12 minutes. 45 minutes later after 6 other buses have passed that aren’t supposed to be as regular as the number 12, 6 ambulances and a cave rescue truck?, I am still waiting. 294 more words

Transport and travel

Usually, I love travelling by train or bus when abroad, particularly if I can nab a forwards-facing window seat, plug in some music, and watch the world go by outside. 917 more words


Like a pack of rabid dogs charging for the last bone..

is literally the best way to describe trying to get on the 75 to go to my boyfriend’s this evening. Instead of getting on the bus like normal human beings it was an actual free for all with people pushing and shoving with complete disregard for anyone else. 28 more words



So I run down the road paranoid that I’m going to miss my bus, luckily just as I get to the stop along it comes. Doing an internal happy dance, on I get. 318 more words


New Japanese luxury bus tour seats only 10 passengers, tickets cost over US$1,200 each

How do you picture being transported to your fantasy vacation spot? A giant cruise ship? A seat in the first-class section of a jumbo jet? … 604 more words