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Lazy Hitchhikers

The other day I drove past two 18 year old girls hitchhiking on a main street. I wasn’t really sure what they were doing until I saw their thumbs sticking out and puppy dog faces staring back at me. 897 more words

Brand New Words

The last seat

I may have discovered the secret to getting your own seat on a crowded bus. Not the city-bus kind. Like a Greyhound. And not 100% full. 216 more words

Bus Monuments!

The Russians are incredibly proud of their Soviet creations such as aircraft and military; many of which still survive today. However, something that is not seen in Britain are actual monuments of old Soviet USSR built vehicles, such as aircraft, trucks and tanks. 175 more words


Launch of new hybrid buses on 73 route

I was pleased to attend today’s launch by Stagecoach of its new hybrid buses that from today serve the 73 service that runs through the West End. 92 more words


Life Just Got A Whole Lot More Complicated

Well not really, but when I come home from the Angel, I usually get a 38 bus, which goes a little bit closer to my house. 85 more words


Derailing Racism

Isn’t time racists learnt to sit down and shut up? Stephanie Hua looks into racism on public transport and encourages commuters to defend victims.

Racism isn’t a new concept. 591 more words