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"At Least I Wasn't as Bad as Trump"

How Bad a President Do You Have to Be, When You Only Look Good by Comparison to President Bullshit?


Bush 41 and 43 Finally Admit They Are Big-Government, Democrat-Lite, RINOs

If I wasn’t officially done with the Bush clan, I am now. 41, I appreciate your military service, but my respect for you stops there. You became a big-government apparatchik and sold out conservatives. 597 more words


Government Won on 9/11 - LewRockwell

Wrong: Bin Laden won, you and I lost.


Lives were lost, along with innocence. But the innocence lost that day had less to do with terrorism or even the threat of terrorism than it did with what we all knew was coming: an exponential rise in the size and scope of the American state. 206 more words

Trump's Budget Plan is Based on the Same Failures of Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43

The only proposal worse than Trumpcare offered by your illegitimate president is his budget. Both would greatly harm tens of millions of Americans and benefit the one-percent, and his budget is not based on his own ideas; it is based on the failed fiscal policies initiated by Ronald Reagan, and adopted by George H.W. 264 more words