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#018--Before March 2003, what had Saddam Hussein done that he hadn't already been doing for 13 years?

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Okay, this question’s been one of the constant ones in my noggin, and I’ve never gotten a succinct answer for it. 729 more words

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Describe the lessons of history that the author accuses the Bush Administration of ignoring. What have been the results of that willful disregarding of history?



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The Future of US-Cuba Relations

It’s strange to think that in April 1959, Fidel Castro, after seizing power in Cuba, was greeted warmly into the US by the American press. Despite the President’s weariness, he was invited by the American Society of Newspaper Editors to spend a couple of days getting to know the country that was only a couple of miles away from Cuba. 482 more words


You know, I lived through Nixon, and it was never this bad

I also was aware of the McCarthy hearings, which my mother listened to on the radio as she did the ironing. But I was way too young to follow, but I did pick up on the general unease about it. 237 more words

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US Aid Package to Israel Incentivizes War

Funds for Israeli military industries and U.S. commodity purchases

by Grant Smith, January 02, 2017

On September 14, 2016, the United States and Israel signed a “memorandum of understanding” (MOU) pledging $38 billion in “security assistance” to Israel over ten years. 765 more words

Obama's terrible record on journalists and whistleblowers sets the stage for Trump to go further

Obama did many good things and also some terrible things, and his vindictive persecution of whistleblowers (after saying he would protect them) and his lack of transparency (how many press conferences has he had?) are a gift to the incoming president. 1,092 more words


Judicial Watch Wants to Salt the Earth Over Hillary Clinton's Corpse

Kevin Drum has an interesting post worth reading about the unrelenting and irrational hostility the Right has against Hillary Clinton—this is their continued insistence that there must be… 433 more words