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Bush in surprise smackdown with Trump. Bush wins

Just when we thought George W. Bush was the worst president that ever happened to this country, in walks Donald Trump.

What Bush said Thursday changed all that. 714 more words

George W. Bush just laid a major smackdown on Trumpism

George W. Bush doesn’t talk much about politics in public. Which makes the speech he gave Thursday in New York City — a point-by-point rejection of Trumpism — all the more important and noteworthy. 757 more words


when George W.Bush speaks out against Trump's racist ways it gets serious

i couldn’t believe the speech that George W.Bush called the racism,legalize seperate agenda

and hateful speeches that go on by the weekly from Trump

and are used to scare people… 69 more words

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Of Cucks and Men

Something positive about the Alt Right.

I have been critical of the Alt Right, including Spencer, when called for, and will continue to do so (something about the latest Jorjani fiasco will be out soon).  232 more words


The Thwarted Dreams of Kurdistan

It was in 1916, in the midst of World War I, that Britain and France (pitted against the Germans, Austrians and Ottoman Turks) made their infamous… 1,331 more words


Brat For Your Pleasure

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