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Mainly White Leaves

Acrylic paint on acrylic paper abstract painting representing a branch of a bush where the majority of its leaves have turned white as the plants chemicals are depleted through ageing.

Contemporary Art

Confession: I Predict The Election Outcome Will Bring “Good” News November 10th, 2008

Original publish date: November 10th, 2008

This may shock my many conservative friends across the fruited plain, but I wasn’t all that disappointed in the results of last Tuesday, even though I voted Republican (straight ticket) I am not crazy about McCain and I think a change in party leadership will do the Republicans as much good as the Dems. 666 more words

The right criticism of Obama's vacation habits is that he should take more, not less

What’s more befitting of the American president—being a chronic workaholic, or taking a couple weeks off to hit the links with Larry David and read… 432 more words

Day 435. 69km. Bush – Kings Canyon

And there he stood, in a handstand, on the edge of the massive cliff at Kings Canyon. The people on the cliff-face opposite clapped, and then stopped when they saw what he was doing. 149 more words


Louisiana Flooding: Obama's Katrina?

These past two weeks the US has seen the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina. Many parts of Louisiana are under several feet of water. A series of severe storms flooded all the rivers, lakes, and waterways in the area. 614 more words


Day 434. 75km. Bush – Bush

‘Have you got any water?’
I wanted to do it without flagging a car down, but that was not to be. The people were lovely and filled up our bottles and let us guzzle more water down before leaving. 194 more words


LTTP Album Review: Bush – Man on the Run

I know, I know, its not metal. I like Bush though. At least I used to back in the day. I was on a “reliving my youth” music kick and decided to check out their last album. 599 more words

Album Review