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Republican Primary Warmup: New Hampshire "Voters First" Forum [c-span]

disclosure: I typically vote Independent or sometimes Democrat, and I feel more and more let down by the Democratic party as time goes by…

I’m sure I’ve watched at least a few minutes of the Republican Primary debates pretty much every election since there’s been one and I’ve been old enough to vote —  but I can’t say I’ve ever been even remotely excited about this. 74 more words

Excuse Me—Have You Checked the Calendar?

No matter how you slice it, it is 2015—which is NOT A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION YEAR!

I don’t care who is ahead in the polls. It is NOT A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION YEAR! 95 more words


Show details for the week of August 3rd, 2015

KPFT is in Pledge Drive this week. The Monitor has a goal of $1,000 for this week and this is our only pledge drive show so please call… 1,103 more words


Five Presidential Candidates at the Urban League

The other 2 were former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Doctor Ben Carson. Both are running for the Republican nomination and expected to be on the stage this week for the Republican debate. 1,855 more words

Race To The White House

How to watch the Fox debate

I’ve never seen a debate quite like the scrum coming up Thursday evening on Fox News, but I’ve moderated and covered enough candidate forums to have an idea what to look for. 381 more words


Pumphouse Point

Nat and I are lucky enough to have seen a lot of beautiful pockets of the world, as well as stayed at some pretty epic hotels- but last weekend we were treated to one that tops the favourites list. 370 more words


Recency Illusion, Leadership, and the Ladder from Cute to Scary

My favourite teacher of all time is a seven year old. I am absolutely gobsmacked when she adopts her serious, slightly condescending tone to tell me the proper way to toboggan, dive, catch a ball, or to inform me of the stars, animals, or myriad other things. 772 more words