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Clinton, Inc., Trump, Inc., Bush, Inc., Kennedy, Inc., O’Bama, Inc. (October 24, 2015)

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J          “The Kennedy Corporation is in remission.”

K          “Earnings are down, but the brand is still in play.  They are keeping a spot at the round table with their ‘Profile In Courage Award’ that is bestowed on other members of the Ruling Class.” 526 more words

Supreme Court

Democracy is on the Ballot. Period. Full Stop.

I’m voting FOR Hillary Clinton.

I’m bothered by the Grand Old Party. I’m stunned by the loss of integrity and lack of honor that was once synonymous with the Republican Party.  1,299 more words


George W Bush, father of ISIS and modern terrorism.

​George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in March 2003 was a tragic error. It was compounded by his follow-on decision to install Western-style democracy, and the ensuing military occupation that entailed. 103 more words


Chipping away at the quasi-legal tolerance of torture policy: Slow and steady [intercept]


After some 12 years, Appeals court finds that torture is illegal, and one of the president’s lawyers saying it isn’t doesn’t make it so. They have yet to address the more established and less controversial practice of killing people without justification or under false pretenses.


this impromptu
walking stick of swamp
warm to my touch,
smooth on my mind

© Julie Thorndyke
First published in GUSTS no. 24 Fall/winter 206


Sunlight on the Ocean

Here’s another photo from when I recently walked through the Royal National Park with Ewe.

In this shot, my favourite beach can be seen.
The water feels really clean, the surf is usually strong and it’s fairly secluded. 62 more words