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Reason No 31: no country for old cars

Ignorance means not being able to flush the toilet.

It’s the first hot day of the year.  Hot winds. Hot grass. Hot dog (pictured below). 502 more words



There are few indulgences on the trail, other than the rainwater tank, drop toilet, and shed for sleeping. But when you’re bush-walking or hiking, that’s all you really need anyway. 57 more words


West of Lyndon Road

Yesterday our exploring took us up past Porter Pass, along Lyndon Road and then west up a 4WD track midway along the road. It wasn’t a very long 4WD compared to some others we have done but it still opened up some great back-country to explore with the boys. 402 more words


The Middle Eastern Question


I’m here for my first real post, which I hope you will all enjoy!

I’ve finished reading the book Black Flags, the Rise of ISIS,  988 more words

History Lesson: mathilde11asdfg

History Lesson #2: Big busted woman vanishes without a trace.

History research is hard work here at Limelight Curves for two reasons: one, it requires one to scan through tons of sexy content, and two, because often little information can be found about the curvy beauties who post a little content before disappearing from the web. 33 more words


Trump Falls in Line with Interventionism

In discussing President Trump, there is always the soft prejudice of low expectations – people praise him for reading from a Teleprompter even if his words make little sense – but there is no getting around the reality that his maiden address to the United Nations General Assembly must rank as  one of the most embarrassing moments in America’s relations with the global community. 1,136 more words