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My poetic prompt came in an unusual form yesterday as I spied a bracelet in a blackberry bush! This unusual sighting was the catalyst to a new layer of awareness that wanted to come through in words and so quickly became a poem! 108 more words

Big Bush, I Declare You Mine

We hold the truth every bush in the world is fair game and proclaimed Moby’s to be self evident. That is all.

Ellen Degeneres Is Once Again In Hot Water

Finally, something that actually matters. I like my controversies like I like my morning beer, lukewarm and halfway drunk. Ellen’s been stepping in it ever since she was photographed at a Dallas Cowboys game with former President and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ aficionado and part-time portrait painter, George W Bush. 595 more words



This is what is called an “intro cage”. It is used to get a new monkey used to a troop before introducing them into it. It has a double door entrance system. 962 more words


Tea-tree Blossom.


There is a large tea-tree bush/shrub nearby that becomes covered in flowers every winter. Even though there are not as many as last year, it is a magnificent display. 7 more words


I Now Support Donald Trump and Everything He Stands For.

George W Bush with Dr Fauci.

So I’ve gotten some comments wondering how I could now, after all these years of being a full-fledged liberal Democrat, have joined the Climate-Denying Racist Republican Party — if they’ll have me. 386 more words


Bush: The Kingdom (2020)

I think it’s so cool that since returning with The Sea of Memories in 2011, Bush has been consistently putting out quality music. This band that found their footing in the 90’s Alternative rock scene has managed to create a solid wave for themselves to ride since that comeback album in 2011. 344 more words