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“Terrorist Activities in Pakistan and US-War on Terror”

Pakistan’s strategic location makes it almost impossible for the country to keep itself away from the events all over the world. 9-11 2001 attacks on world trade centre towers in New York lead Pakistan to a situation in which it had to take a U-turn on its successful Afghan policy and they had to pull off their support for the pro-Pakistan Taliban government. 879 more words

Pervez Musharraf: Mr. Busharraf?

Embattled Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf is visiting Europe and is trying to do some damage control to his shifty image following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, his biggest rival. 155 more words


Bush's Support for Martial Law Continues

Despite calling itself the champions of democracy and freedom the American Government against all odds is supporting Musharraf’s Dictatorship because of his support to the Bush Administration’s Fascist Agenda. 55 more words