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Where does the centipede hide his shoes? 

We love taking Tilly for long walks and now Spring is here we will be going out more and more. On Monday it was bank holiday and we went for a wander… 125 more words


Bushcraft, Survival, and Wilderness Resources

Back in my younger days, a lot of years ago, the Internet was theoretical and the only source of information available to John Q. Public who was interested in learning more about the wilderness, woodcraft/lore, and outdoor related activities was the local library, book stores, and outdoor related retailers. 948 more words

Backwoods Travel

Free firewood

How much wood can you haul in a civic hybrid?

‘Bout dis much.

I love Craiglist. And in response to your next question yes, but it was only a .22, so I’m glad this guy was legit.

Getting spotted in a survival situation.

From my last couple of blogs, you will have discovered the importance of getting your priority’s straight upon finding yourself in a survival situation. Getting yourself a shelter put together, and a fire going to give yourself the best chance in the first few hours. 1,028 more words

Where to Put the Kitchen Sink: Packing an Extended Stay Backpack for the Woods

So this will be the last blog on the pack concept. If you missed the other three about the theory of packing, the first 5 C’s, and the last 5 C’s you can find them here: 610 more words


Warmth, morale and protection.

In my last blog, I talked about the immediate aftermath of finding yourself in a survival situation, the basics of making shelter and why its important to make it a priority. 2,032 more words