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Weekend out in Wolf Forest

I love wolves. I always have. Like my Norse ancestors, I am fascinated by their strength, their wild spirit and their beauty. Sadly, in Norway wolves are still hunted, even though we only have a handful of these magnificent animals left. 79 more words


The Handcrafted Ladle

Winter is a great time to be out in the woods.  Especially for some fun  little bushcraft projects.  All the leaves are down and it is really easy (or easier) to scramble around in a tangle of vine maple roots to find the exact specimen for carving a wooden ladle. 189 more words


More Solar Fire Tricks with a Soda Can

Okay, on the advise of a bunch of online sources and videos you’ve worn yourself out trying to use a chocolate bar to polish the bottom of a can to make a solar fire starting reflector–or, wisely decided to eat the chocolate instead. 1,342 more words

My EDC (Everyday Carry Kit)

Let me start by saying, I am by no means a serious prepper. Although I do believe that being prepared with the basics, to assist you in a sudden survival situation, is very important. 153 more words

Are You Prepared to Survive in the Wilderness Alone? “Natural Shelter, Blend In”

By Mac Slavo – SHTFplan.com

What would you do if circumstances forced you into the woods alone, with little or no provisions?

Are you prepared to handle… 386 more words

Survival Skills And Tips

What Can John Frum Teach Us?

If you’re not familiar with cargo cults, check out the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.  In that film, children surviving a plane crash just after the apocalypse develop a religion.   967 more words


Why Survival Gears Are Important For Any Outdoor Enthusiasts

The survival gears are important materials that are necessary for situations where you have to survive in outdoors. For outdoor enthusiasts it is important to know why carrying survival gears can be beneficial before planning any outdoor stay. 490 more words