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Shrooming in weird places

An interesting little experiment is afoot. Well little might be an understatement but you’ve got to try these things now and again.

We’ve had a lot of cardboard tubes delivered from a local carpet recycling business, more than we actually have ideas to use them up. 204 more words


Foraging & Making PawPaw Crescent Rolls

Took a drive out to a forest in Pennsylvania with a known spot for foraging wild PawPaw.
The broad leaves of the tree give a jungle like feel to the forest and produce a sweet sugary fruit full of large seeds. 171 more words

Primitive & Outdoor Living Skills

Going Lightweight: Tips for Getting Started

Navigating your wants and needs when packing for a backpacking trip can be a bit of a journey, especially if you don’t have that much experience.  1,083 more words


Wool. The Final Frontier around the Homestead, Campsite, or the House!

The Benefits of Wool!     I am a believer.

No matter the season and am trying to build my collection.  You might want to consider it also! 1,394 more words

Barry Dutton

Everything and the kitchen sink

It’s time to start thinking about my camping kit list for my trip in a couple of weeks and I thought I would share it here: 157 more words


Every Buck's a Trophy: On Making a European Mount.

This is all about preparing an animal’s skull for a European mount.  You see it commonly done with deer, but it works on any mammal.  Years ago, I tried writing this as an article for Backwoodsman magazine.   760 more words

What's Bushcraft anyways? Those Outdoorsy, Self Reliant, Off Grid People!

Knowledge Weighs Nothing.  

A key phrase in my life.  Perhaps yours too or you would not be reading this or many things online!

In a nutshell, Bushcraft is a popular term for Wilderness & Outdoors skills.  

1,102 more words
Barry Dutton