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My Bushcraft Kit for 2-3 Days Camping

This video shows the items of kit that I pack in my camping rucksack for 2-3 days camping Bushcraft style. For more info on the kit I carry see: … 9 more words


Ray Mears - How to sharpen a knife at camp, Bushcraft Survival

http://www.raymears.com/ Ray Mears shows his preferred method of sharpening a knife at camp, using a series of bench stones. This clip comes from the DVD extras of Ray Mears Bushcraft…Read more…


Overnight Bushcraft Camp

I loaded up my new pack, and hit the woods with Scout. Spent the night in a framed tarp shelter, and did a bunch of fun stuff.Read more…


Now... THAT's Bushcraft

Mad bush skills and tremendous dedication, not to mention time and patience, show that you really can Robinson Crusoe a life in the wild with nearly nothing. 19 more words


White-backed Woodpecker?

Whenever I’m alone in the bush, there are several species of birds and animals which always keep me company – the Raven and Lesser Spotted Eagle fly above the trees making their calls (sometimes the eagle flies through the forest and its wing beats send whooshing sounds through the leaves), woodpeckers knock on trees, Jays scream at each other and Red Squirrels jump about playing with their nuts. 113 more words


NEW Mystery Series

¬†Ex-surf champ and model, Scott Chevalier, isn’t just a pretty face!

With an enviable campervan-surfie lifestyle, and a handful of impressive bush skills learnt from his grandfather, I’ve recruited this (fictional!) character as the main attraction in my… 328 more words


Back To The Future

When I started hunting, which was approximately 40 years ago, it was a rare occurrence to see anyone wearing camo. If you did it was the basic military woodland camo. 522 more words