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The real secret to lighting a fire (it's not what Ray Mears would say)

‘It’s going to go out, it’s going to go out, it’s going to… Oh bugger It’s gone out.’ I slouch backwards and sigh.

Faye and I are sat outside our tents around our MSR Whisperlite stove willing it not to die on us. 499 more words

Cycling Adventures

Rat Pack at Camp Stupid

Camp Stupid gets its name from its creator Steve “Frogmoon wildcamps and wanders”. He is one of the outdoor YouTube channels i have been watching the longest. 1,975 more words


Ode to the Axe

Archeologists suggest that some 350,000 years ago our ancestors attached a sharpened stone to a stick.  It was the first time simple tools were used in harmony: a wedge and a lever united in triumphant ingenuity.  562 more words


Dandelion Coffee

Coffee is an important part of my morning routine, one that when in the woods can sometimes be missed. Well it does not have to be! 186 more words

The Birth of a Dugout Canoe - by Northmen

I wanted to share this cool video released by Northmen Guild (formerly known as John Neeman Tools). They are a guild of northern European master craftsmen who use traditional craftsmanship handed down through many generations to create tools, vessels and goods. 247 more words