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Four - day. Drinking alcohol is like borrowing happiness from tomorrow 

Today I did as I planned for once. I went out in the woods, fell a tree, built a firepit, made dinner and dessert (tomato beans with onions cooked over a fire, and fire pit banana). 64 more words


Debriefing the Garden

This entry is geared toward the novices.  What I want you to get out of this is that gardening is kind of an experimental thing.  Surfing around and looking at getting into it, it’s easy to be intimidated by all the perfect little plots and gorgeous back yards.   734 more words

Three - Day, Lazy Day.

Working out doesn’t always go as planned and today is not one of those days.
I’ve had my fair share of walking in the rain(and cold) today and I’ve socialized with more people in the spectrum of half a day than i usually do in a week. 95 more words

Progress on the Hut Part 2

Now the mud wall is waist high, and the stone wall is curving around.

I tried coming up with a new way to move the stones by putting them inside an old tire and rolling them down the hill but they kept falling out. 263 more words


En tripod, världens lättaste friluftskök?

Hallå alla vildingar! Det var någon dag sedan jag gjorde ett inlägg men det har efterforskats i hur jag ska lösa ljudkvalité i kommande projekt och en lösning som förhoppningsvis levererar knivskarpt är beställd ifrån Ebay. 120 more words


Friction Fire

Here’s a recent video of me using the bow drill to get a fire going. Was a bit tricky because it had been raining and the birch twigs I was using weren’t very dry. 70 more words


180 Tack Stove

This a review of the 180 Tack Stove, a natural fuel stove made in Colorado in the US www.180tack.com.

There are many natural fuel stoves on the market: cylindrical gasifier stoves and fire boxes of different sizes. 435 more words