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Gear Review - DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp - MC (Multicam)

To cut a long story short, a DPM basha isn’t suitable for use with a large hammock. It’s not square and therefore cannot be used properly in a diamond configuration, More importantly it’s not quite big enough. 700 more words

Bird Traps

I’ve been researching more ethnographic data for trapping techniques to get beyond the same handful we have all seen since our Scouting days; the Paiute, Figure-4, spring snares, etc.  155 more words

Shelter Build [Trip 2] - Walls and Roof

April 17, 2018

After my failed trip the day before I was eager to get back to the shelter to actually get some work done. 108 more words


Making Mistakes at the Shelter

April 16, 2018

Rushing to leave for my hike, as I was already very delayed, I mistakenly put on my sneakers. It didn’t occur to me until I had walked out the road to the end of the trail. 148 more words


32 Basic Survival Skills to Teach. . . (LINK)

Those that can’t do, teach. Hey, we can all spare some time for our kids…and there is plenty of time for doing “un-educational stuff” but this year, make it an adventure. 73 more words

Moral Reads

The design challenge

We’ve talked about our design philosophy but when it came to designing the tools and how they combined into the Combar, we needed another set of guiding principles to make more detailed decisions. 39 more words

Making a Pack Basket

From one of my new favorite blogs Running With Sheep.  Johan and Sanne are a couple of remarkable outdoors – bushcraft – survival enthusiasts with more than a touch of philosophy thrown in. 161 more words