Walking through Bushel

At JAMF Nation User 2014, JAMF Software took the wraps off of a new product: Bushel. Bushel is a cloud-based MDM solution for managing Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPod devices. 1,522 more words

Mac Administration

Unfinished Business

Not a lot to say except for the fact that I didn’t watch it. I’m not planning on it and it’s basically already on its way out of the theater. 52 more words

The Movies

Non-GMO crops bring new profits to farmers

Farmers who make the switch to non-genetically modified crops such are cashing in on the new consumer trend, according to the Wallstreet Journal.

Companies are now willing to pay a premium due to the limited availability and cost of separating modified from non-modified crops. 219 more words

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i hid my light
under a bushel
but later that evening
when i needed it again,
i couldn’t find it

all bushels look alike in the dark

Odds And Sods

A Bushel or a Peck

I need to take a minute and talk about peaches.  A real peach is not what one finds in the grocery store, that is almost a different fruit from a fresh Gilbert Freestone.   304 more words

Mideast Instability Could Boost Demand for Iowa Corn

COLLINS, Iowa –In the middle of July, it’s exactly what a farmer wants their corn to look like.

“When the silk starts to turn brown, it tells you’ve started having pollination on those kernels,” said Dave Struthers, a farmer from Collins. 241 more words