A Bushel & A Peck

Hello Friends Annie here with another quick card. So, Tell me did you ever hear the song I love you a bushel and a Peck… and a hug around the neck. 511 more words

Handmade Cards

The stars burn, sing and shout

Home again! Huge relief. Reliving the good life. Live life again. Love again.

Love to live for the very first time.

This is the one utterly and completely impossible thing to keep under my hat, to hide under a bushel, to fool myself into believing, or pretending it hasn’t happened. 26 more words

Written Journal

Don't Hide Your Light Under a Bushel

I currently teach primary in the Church, and I teach the three to five year olds.  They have a lot of energy and a short attention span. 172 more words


Horse and stable door, cat and bag, caterpillar and eradication programme

I found this lovely bristly caterpillar in the garden a few days ago. I’m not sure whether it was eating the peony flower, or leaves, but it was perfectly posed, including a few morsels of frass. 603 more words

General Stuff

Light under a bushel

‘I want to’…

‘I just wanted to’…

‘I think I should’…

Those became her consistent starters. The lioness had become a lamb. She had lost her confidence, walking on a dreadful journey of no return. 106 more words


Manna or meat?

In John 6 Jesus makes the comparison between Himself and manna. The topic of bread is relevant because He had fed 5000 men (plus women and children) from just a few loaves and fish the previous day. 684 more words


Painting the Guild Ball Farmers

So just wanted to share a quick post as have just finished off painting the Farmers Team for Guild Ball and record this for my own purposes. 337 more words