I Thought I was Bright Enough!

Today I got to work later than usual because, well because I delayed the whole process of getting to work..lol. Anyway, I didn’t want to take the usual four flights of stairs and end up on my floor panting like I had been chased by an angry mob so I took a detour. 364 more words


Gourmanoff® Wire Pedestal for Basket

If you want your Bentwood Bushel Basket displays to compete with taller Wicker, or at least make reachable by shoppers, Pedestals like this Wire creation give you a leg-up and do the job for you… 271 more words

Store Fixtures

Gourmanoff® Bushel Basket as Pedestal

A simple pedestal that raises produce to a reachable height. Both are traditional Bentwood Bushel Baskets, one topsy, one turvy, with the power to invoke “fresh from the farm” feelings… 290 more words

Store Fixtures

October 8, 1852

Friday Oct 8th  Have been making barberry sauce

to day only 1 peck but a great many more apples

Julia was here and altered the skirt of my  299 more words

19th Century