Branding Fresh Picked® Fresh

Fresh Picked® as a brand is displayed in all manner of fresh ways across the length and breath of this store. Fresh Picked® in rustic wire basket, Fresh Picked® in traditional farmers market bushel basket, Fresh Picked® in hand-carry tray, Fresh Picked® with Apples and Oranges and Strawberries. 415 more words

Shelf Edge Fixtures

Gertrude Hawk® Rustic Branding

Wood outfitting and rustic baskets add to the homemade image of Gertrude Hawk Candy displays. The look is distinctly different than, say, Godiva, as it should be for market differentiation and branding.  479 more words

Shelf Management Systems

Walking through Bushel

At JAMF Nation User 2014, JAMF Software took the wraps off of a new product: Bushel. Bushel is a cloud-based MDM solution for managing Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPod devices. 1,522 more words

Mac Administration

Unfinished Business

Not a lot to say except for the fact that I didn’t watch it. I’m not planning on it and it’s basically already on its way out of the theater. 52 more words

The Movies

Non-GMO crops bring new profits to farmers

Farmers who make the switch to non-genetically modified crops such are cashing in on the new consumer trend, according to the Wallstreet Journal.

Companies are now willing to pay a premium due to the limited availability and cost of separating modified from non-modified crops. 219 more words

Grow Op-Ed (advanced Beat Reporting)


i hid my light
under a bushel
but later that evening
when i needed it again,
i couldn’t find it

all bushels look alike in the dark

Odds And Sods