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Who was 'Ned' Bushell?

In the previous post I suggested that Edward Bushell of Cleeve Prior, the father of William Bushell of Wells, who was in turn the father of Edward Bushell of Bath and Tobias Bushell of Fladbury, was identical with the ‘Ned’ Bushell who was implicated in both the Earl of Essex’s rebellion of 1601 and the Gunpowder Plot of 1604. 995 more words


A Bushell timeline

In the last post I mentioned the suggestion by my fellow researcher Penny Gay that William Bushell, the father of both Edward Bushell of Bath and Tobias Bushell of Fladbury, Worcestershire, might be the William Bushell of Wells, Somerset, whose name occurs in the Bushell family pedigree in the record of the… 379 more words


New information about the Bushell family

My fellow researcher Penny Gay has sent me two more pieces of information about the Bushell family which add considerably to our knowledge of them, and throw further light on the connections between different branches of the family, living in different parts of the country. 346 more words


Back to the Bushells

New information, kindly sent to me by fellow researcher Penny Gay, has turned my attention back to the Bushell family of Bath and Worcestershire. I’m interested in the Bushells because of their links with the… 768 more words


On This Day: 25 February 1675

Today’s offering is another document recording Bowrey’s father-in-law’s involvement in merchant shipping whilst Bowrey was still living in the East Indies.

On this day in 1675, Philip Gardiner purchased a 1/32nd part of the 573 ton… 138 more words

Ten to the dozen... or is it nineteen to the dozen?

I was writing something else and one of my characters said something was happening (a child speaking) at ten to the dozen, and he – and I, began to wonder what ten to the dozen meant – well we both understood it, he used it after all, but where did it originate? 258 more words