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Fighting Through Mental Illness: how martial arts helped with depression and anxiety

When I strike, a calmness washes over me. The full body focus I experience enables me to fully immerse myself in the present. Nothing compares to the sensation of being in-tune with my physical self, my surroundings and the power my body is capable of exerting, all at once. 1,829 more words

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Fighter Interview: Bushin's Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee is a black belt in Bushin and Shorinji Kempo. By day, Fiona works as an auditor at an investment bank, assessing its internal controls and risk management practices. 2,715 more words

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A Little About the Author

I’ve had a few blogs in the past (read: random fashion and lifestyle blogging whilst I was completing my studies), but nothing quite like I Hit Hard. 1,207 more words

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I'll Review Anything: Zeku (Street Fighter V DLC Character)


So the newest and last character for Capcom’s Street Fighter V’s Season 2 has been released for a couple of week now and fans had different expectations for Zeku. 1,672 more words

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