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Capturing the Moment: The journey to the end of the world…

A very blue sky. Children having fun in sand dunes. Target practicing. Passing time. The photo was taken by a Danish explorer in the Kalahari Desert in the southern parts of Africa in 1947. 466 more words


Bushman Money Magic

“Jackal had been riding his donkey and grew tired. He decided to stop and cook some meat. When the meat was stewing in his pot, he saw some coming toward him.

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Finding space and silence at !Xaus Lodge in the Kalahari

At the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the welcome committee is out in full force as we arrive and slowly drive along the dry Auob riverbed. We spot ostriches, herds of gemsbok and wildebeest and a bustling family of meerkats. 1,050 more words


Namibia Explored - Erongo Mountains

A big giraffe sleeping all curled up like a dog? Are you kidding me? But look for yourself! If you want to find out if this really was a sleeping giraffe, and to read about our lonesome but fascinating hike to a cave up in the Erongo mountains were we found bushmen’s paintings and and carvings presumed to be more than five thousand years old, continue after the jump…. 652 more words



Monday August 14, 2017 – Friday August 25, 2017

We have a few posts coming for Namibia, but as we spent a great deal of time transiting its many deserts and learning from some of its indigenous tribes, we wanted to show some of the photos we took along the way! 114 more words


Uranium Mining on the Plains of The Camdeboo

There is a new wave of colonialism taking place in Africa. The new colonialists wear corporate logo’s and care only about profit margins. This comes in conjunction with a very open policy in regards to gaining mineral rights. 1,572 more words

Living Conciously On Earth (self-realization)


The tall man told me that there was a San painting of a VOC ship in a cave on this farm. I’ll have to go back to search for it. 28 more words

Hand Dyed Yarn