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The Last Hunter-Gatherers

“Mutana,” they greeted us with their hands extended, dressed in a unique combination of animal skins and cargo shorts that only the Hadzabe could rock. They spoke only Hadza- not a word Kiswahili and definitely no English. 255 more words


“The Hired Man” by Rae Ellen Lee

This story appears in the adult bedtime book “Not Your Mother’s Book…On SEX.” 

“I have a confession to make,” my 60-year-old husband, Tom, said. Since our life together had featured a lot of heavy-weather sailing, there wasn’t much he could say to shock me. 1,357 more words


Reviewer Diary: Sanbona Private Game Reserve

Located a mere half-hour drive from the Avalon hot springs in Montagu on Route 62 is the Sanbona Private Game Reserve. The drive through Route 62 was pleasant enough, but once we entered the reserve, the landscape became staggeringly beautiful with an overwhelmingly timeless feel and prehistoric quality about it. 410 more words

Luxury Accommodation

Do you hear the stars singing?

After an evening swim, I sat outside on my little veranda with a pot of freshly brewed raspberry leaf tea and sipped its fruity deliciousness. I counted the stars as they burned themselves into the heavens. 341 more words

Earth Whispers

Early Days of CyberTracker

This video from ABC News: Tracking Animals With GPS from the year 2000 takes us back to the early days of CyberTracker. At that time, we had one CyberTracker running on an Apple Newton unit in the Karoo National Park in South Africa and just started our second project with the Kwe San Bushmen in Namibia, using the PalmPilot. 7 more words


Bushmen and baboons in one post

Next guest of the blog is Rudolph. I met him on facebook group ”Friends without borders – international friendship”. Somehow his post catched my attention immidiately, and after my request he kindly agreed to tell his life story. 282 more words


the act of totality

“do you miss it?”

“no – I carry it within me. when you do something in totality it becomes who you are. it’s only when you do things superficially that you miss them.”

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