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There has been a huge shift for the Indie Author and Entrepreneur but many have been drawn to the bells and whistles of social media. Big name stores are closing one after another.

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What Kind of Content Are You Creating?

Last week I shared a little about my passion for reading, and while I’ve read thousands of books there are only a couple hundred that want to read more than once, and even fewer than that that I would be happy to pick up any and every day or night. 529 more words


When it's no longer business as usual, how should we work with business?

“We are facing an unprecedented global emergency… we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making.”

“Our house is on fire…. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. 944 more words

Climate Change

Trump Is Tanking the American Manufacturing Industry

It’s official. Trump has put US manufacturing, which is about 14% of the US gross national product, into recession, according to AFP. Recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of decline. 482 more words


Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party : NBC News

The footage shows two wealthy men laughing and pointing as they appear to discuss young and beautiful women dancing at a party.

Today, one of the men is president of the United States. 208 more words


HR Lessons: Hire Someone who can Follow Simple Instructions

Common sense is underrated. It’s really not that common.

As a hiring manager, you need to find someone who have common sense and can listen/follow to simple instructions. 537 more words