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Corporate welfare is subsidized by our taxes

via The Satanic Capitalist | liberalsarecool: Corporate welfare is subsidized….


Corporations avoiding taxes passes on the burden of running the country, while the losses in tax revenues are used to cut social programs.

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Don't worry St. Paul, Dunkin' Donuts has plans for the east metro too

After showing the west metro a lot of love, Dunkin’ Donuts has promised St. Paul and the east side it won’t be left out in the cold. 210 more words


Millions Spent Lobbying By Private Prison Corporations To Keep A Quota Of Arrested Immigrants, Report Says

via Think Progress.

Private prison corporations spent $11 million over six years to lobby Congress to keep immigrants in detention centers, a new report…

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Why being a professor is NOT like running a small business

This week, Professor Alice Gast, President of Imperial College, London, reiterated a tired old comparison between academics/professors and small business owners. In a proposition I have heard from many academics, … 784 more words

Ink creates legally binding freelance contracts with ease

One of the most challenging aspects of being a freelance photographer is the legal side. It’s important to make sure both you and your client are protected, but it’s not always easy to get both entities’ terms into legal writing that will hold up in court in the case things go sour. 9 more words


Is Your Business Properly Allied?

With all the competition out there, it’s more important than ever for your business to have some strategic alliances.

Whether your business needs a networking partner or another business with which to pursue objectives, alliances help everyone get ahead. 525 more words


Talentierte Ermittlung von Führungskräften von besten Headhunter Firmen

Es gibt unterschiedliche bester Headhunter Firmen welche spezialisierte Personalbeschaffungen innerhalb der Versorgungs- und Logistikbranche und weiteren Industrien, anbieten. Sie finden talentierte Kandidaten mit den erforderlichen Anforderungen des Jobprofils. 238 more words