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Untapped Potential

A number of things irk me, and one of them is when I see untapped, underutilized or potential in someone or something being dismissed. I recently experienced an entire roomful of players verbally telling one of their teammates how they could see how much potential he had. 949 more words

The Power of Resilience

Everyone has the power of resilience, but some have had to rely upon this skill more than others. When they do, and apply it, it is what seriously separates them in an extremely positive and impactful way from others. 806 more words

Stuck? How to get you, your team or company in motion.

There are numerous reasons and ways to what I refer to as getting stuck, either personally or professionally, and no one is immune from having this happen to them. 740 more words

Small Business Center Barrie - Portrait shoot

Featured here: A great example of optimal workflow and efficiency on-set.
People tend to be busy in the throes of their day to day activities, especially in the workplace. 123 more words


Millennials - Managing, Motivating & Retaining Them

Not everyone would agree, but I love when things change. I especially am excited about change particularly when the changes being applied optimize and improve what they are being applied towards. 918 more words

Looking for a sign: Edmonton to overhaul digital display rules

Concerns about light pollution, traffic safety and a really confusing bylaw led city officials to pitch a complete overhaul of Edmonton’s sign regulations Tuesday.

Digital signs are proliferating and the existing sign bylaw is one of the hardest on the books to understand, much less enforce, said city planner Anne Stevenson. 356 more words

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Start your day with comedy. It makes a big difference.

Chances are you have not regularly started your day off by laughing, but what if you did? I’m a huge fan of live comedy shows, but all of the live comedy shows I have gone to take place in the evening. 716 more words