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(5) Tips - Improve How to Get Along with Others

Like most folks, you probably did not realize just how important that first year of school was and why would you, as you were a five-year-old with limited life skills. 1,060 more words

A+ Leasing and Administration

Here is a long form motion graphic presentation. Julianne Spurling (proprietor of A+ Leasing and Administration) was looking for a way to spice up her speaking engagements and trade show display. 96 more words


Taking & giving feedback gracefully…is hard to do.

Perhaps you have heard of the expression ‘Feedback is a gift’? So why is it sometimes the type of gift you want to immediately return or feel like it really is anything but a gift? 849 more words

(5) Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Yes, I’m talking to you.

By Kathleen E. R. Murphy

Someone once said that success begins at the end of your comfort zone. Do you believe that’s true?  Once most people finish something, they generally will take a break from whatever it was they accomplished. 781 more words

(5) Ways to Maximize Your Time

Time: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.  That’s why we call it the present.

Everyone has the same amount of time to work with on a daily basis, but some use it better than others. 780 more words

Hang in there. Or, should you?

Just when you think you can’t take one second longer of any situation you are in, by some miracle you find the ability to hang in there for one more hour, day or week. 1,228 more words

Airport outlet mall seeks 1,300 workers at job fair

More than 40 retailers will be looking for workers next weekend at a job fair for a new airport outlet mall.

The Premium Outlet Collection Edmonton International Airport is set to open May 2 next to the airport. 43 more words

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