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How Canadian craft products are making their mark on the business world

There’s a revolution going on in Canadian industry and small business, and it’s taking the world by storm. It’s the craft revolution, and by making quality products and using the Internet’s reach to market them, young and creative entrepreneurs like Métis Sean McCormick and the beer-making Beauchesnes are carving a new niche in Canada’s industrial landscape. 760 more words

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Alumni testify to success of Alberta apprenticeship program for high-school students

Ryline Monkman said that before he started an apprenticeship in high school, he was headed to be a dropout. Instead he graduated with honours and found a career path. 322 more words

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Authenticity in philosophy is a technical term used to describe the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures. 452 more words


Sustainable living: The greenest condo in Canada expected to sell out fast

Belgravia Square is the future of condo living. The first condo with geothermal heating and cooling in Edmonton, and arguably one of the greenest condos in Canada, not only is this a home you can feel good about buying, its smart design also means lower condo fees. 298 more words


How to start E-commerce business in Pakistan? Part-1

It is very impressive how Pakistan is progressing in the field of IT, telecom and broadband penetration. Pakistan’s e-commerce market is growing tremendously and it presents great opportunities for everyone.

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The Bankers Destroyed Healthcare

The big issue with Healthcare today is that it is ran as a business. As one of my good friends has said before,

When bankers get into business they usually destroy it.

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Win More Patients

Today I was asked by a customer my thoughts on how they can win more patients.

I paused. I thought about the question. I then reframed the question and responded with the following, 101 more words