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The Fring harbour oyster trader

circa 700 AD

The Saxon boatman had plied his trade for decades.  His flat bottomed punt with its square cut bow, was ideally suited to the shallow chalk river.  279 more words

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Goal Setting – Are You Being Strategic?

Every business owner, regardless of how big or small their business is, needs goals to keep their business moving forward, their employees motivated and to maintain momentum. 600 more words

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The high lands of Norfolk

The county of Norfolk has more breweries than any other British county. Malting barley thrives on the high lands of North Norfolk, in the area around Fakenham.  164 more words

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The Wells to Fakenham Turnpike

The Minute books of 1826 to 1855 show that the turnpike from Fakenham to Wells took two main routes; one via Egmere, an ancient village, and the other via Little Walsingham.  284 more words

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4th February 2015


Planning for retirement

Some time ago I announced my ‘retirement’. It was a big mistake.  People keep asking me things like “Are you enjoying your retirement?” My usual reply is “The only thing I have retired from is retirement.” 656 more words

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Submerged Forest, North Norfolk

10000 BCE

They were skilled carpenters, their timber trackways built from planks hewn from the vast prehistoric forest of trees that stretched from here, all the way to Germany. 336 more words

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